Saturday, 31 December 2011

Feel good Christmas movies

The Christmas holidays are long over and I must admit I do feel a bit deflated not because I'm tired. On the contrary I'm well rested and looking forward to the school run. Am I excited by Christmas? Whenever I'm asked I always downplay Christmas and say that Christmas is for children. Yet I always end up spending more than I budgeted, treating myself to more than I need as far clothes and fashion accessories go, buying too much food and getting all caught up in the hype. Thank goodness christmas comes only once a year.

If I'm honest though, what I do look forward to each Christmas is lighting my wood burning fire, curling up on the sofa in front of the television with my bowl of roasted chestnuts and watching feel good Christmas movies. Like clockwork, your modern christmas stories like The Holiday / Love Actually [DVD] with Hugh Grant and other stars and The Holiday [DVD] starring Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz is usually available on terrestrial television but I still cherish the heart warming traditional classics showcasing the miracle of christmas with snow, love, sharing, giving and santa.

I just can't get enough of those classics that sensitise and popularise the notion of Christmas so christmas specials like the idealic "The Waltons " is really special to me. I mean what is Christmas without the magic of belief. My daughter still believes in Santa a notion my son attempted to squash by sharing his 10 year old logic with her. But the innocence of youth prevailed and unknown us she left Santa a letter downstairs on the sofa.

Needless to she came up stairs in tears complaining that Santa didn't come because he hadn't taken the letter at which point I nudged my husband to get downstairs and get the letter. I guess I'm just as bad at perpetuating the belief.  But moving the letter was not enough as she had already spotted it. Now she's convinced that she will have to find a weather vane on a windy day, wait for it to point north then let the letter go to be blown away to Santa in the north pole. Windy weather we have been having plenty off lately, now all we have to find for her is the weather vane.

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