Friday, 15 January 2010

Leopard print wellies

I must say that lately with these extreme temperatures I have simply been throwing on clothes to feel warm. Suddenly style has gone out of the window. I was pondering on this very thought while idling in the school traffic to exit when a mother hustling back to her car crossed in front of my car wearing leopard print wellies. I thought how very practical and very stylish at the same time. Leopard print accessories are very popular and always fashionable. I had never thought about getting myself a pair of leapord print boots. Leopard print jewellery I have and now I am seriously thinking getting of getting some leopard print wellies. Wellies are a bit of a fun accessory and what a better way to bring out your wild side.

leopard print wellingtons,leopard print wedge bootswedge welly wellington boot

Some may feel that you need a dramatic fashion persoanlity to wear leopard print accessories but I beg to differ. If this yellow wedge heel wellington is too bright for you then go for the brown leopard print boot below.

leopard print wellies,leopard print wellingtons,leopard bootsSouth emmanuel wellington boot

The classic personality will simply adore this modern take on the traditional wellington boot which incorporates some corduroy and a buckle. This brown cord wellington boot is very stylish and practical footwear made by Scholls, the shoe manufacturer with a reputation for comfort. Great for slushing around in the snow and rain as it will keep your feet dry and I can see myself wearing these all day in the office like regular boots. wellington boots,wellington boots by scholl,brown wellington boots Brown Cord Wellington Buckle Boots by Scholl
tartan wellingtons,tartan wellies
The key to maintaining a stylish appearance over the long term is to buy stylish but yet practical accessories that will stand the test of time. This Joules Tweed Check Wellington Boots is again classically stylish with its tartan pattern that never dates.
ankle boots,wedge ankle bootsIf wellingtons are not your style but you still fancy some leopard print boots then have a look at these wedge ankle boots in glossy patent leather.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

A personal shopper and your capsule wardrobe

We could all do with a wardrobe update or overhaul from time to time and that’s just what I had recently when I won a free 2hr session with a personal stylist. I hardly ever win anything so I was extremely thrilled.

wedding outfit,dress by coast,ladies formal wear
Coast Tiger Short Dress

The question is what did I want my personal stylist to do for me? We could go shopping for that must needed wedding outfit I need for my friend’s spring wedding or she could go through my wardrobe and give me outfit ideas and suggestions on a capsule wardrobe. I liked the idea of help with a capsule wardrobe so I opted for this as the first step in identifying your capsule wardrobe is identifying what clothes you already have that works for you.

Two in one jumper dress, all in one dress
Kaliko Two In One Jumper Dress

I had to make sure I cleaned my bedroom, applied my freshest and most stylist linen to the bed. Plus I really was not looking forward to undressing in front of a stranger while she defined my shape and helped me try on outfits but really you get over that very quickly. Beth did not grab and grope me like Trinni and Susannah nor was it an exercise in how to look good naked so I relaxed quite quickly.

hobbs mac,hobbs coat,hobbs ladies coat
Hobbs Clerkenwell Mac

I was quite embarrassed to open my wardrobe though as it was quite a mess and crammed with clothes since I had not bothered to pack away my spring/summer clothing. Anyway Beth went through my wardrobe with me and came up with a pile for charity, a pile for storage and finally my winter capsule wardrobe. After she thinned out my wardrobe, I thought to myself, “do you really expect me to wear these few pieces for the rest of the winter. It was not exactly 24 pieces as suggested by Gok Wan but I had about 30 pieces in my winter capsule wardrobe and this included about four pairs of jeans, skirts, ladies knitwear etc.

ladies knitwearJersey Cardigan

Beth identified gaps in my wardrobe which included long sleeved knitwear tops, a crisp white shirt as my current white shirt was not looking so crisp, a strapless bra and a suggestion for a high waisted bootleg jeans in dark denim as well as more camisoles.

ladies knitwear,long line cardigan
East Linen Blend Long Line Cardigan

I am still operating on these few pieces and mixing and matching, interchanging to get new looks and it is working. Which just proves that you really do not need too much clothes just a well coordinated wardrobe of quality pieces and an idea of how to interchange them.

Plus we found two tops that I bought and had never worn lurking in the bottom of the wardrobe in a shopping bag as well as a partly sequined black dress that is just ideal for christmas party wear.

Monday, 11 January 2010

ladies woollen knitwear

It is hard to think about spring and spring clothing when all we want to do these days is keep warm. Cold spells is not the word for what we have been experiencing in the run up to christmas and now. The kids love it; days off from school, sledging, building snowmen what could be more fun. Adults on the other hand are not enjoying driving on icy roads and walking on frozen sidewalks.
ladies knitwear,woollen knitwear,wollen sweater
I find myself having to wear four layers and more of clothing and having to add more woollen knitwear and thermal underwear to my wardrobe to fight of the cold. But I don't mind as I found some good quality ladies knitwear like this Lambswool Relaxed Ladies Gilet at Woolovers; good value for money and most importantly it will keep me warm and be hanging in my wardrobe for years to come. Click here to browse more ladies knitwear