Saturday, 28 May 2011

Summer necklaces - chunky and colourful

Summer necklaces just got chunkier and more colourful at Munique Fashions.   You know what they say, "colour improves your mood" and I can't see these colourful necklaces doing anything less.  When I first saw this summer jewellery collection I instantly thought of Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) from Sex and the City whose eclectic and bohemian fashion personality is really suitable to these summer necklaces.

Just today I headed down to the park with the kids for a fun fare wearing this bohemian necklace and at least five ladies asked me "where did you get that?" while others commented that they liked my necklace.  Now that certainly improved my mood as I faced the long sigh inspiring queues for the kids rides.  So there is something to be said for quirky summer jewellery.

So what gives these summer necklaces their quirkiness?  Well they are chunky necklaces but that aside these colourful summer necklaces are made from unique and unusual ceramic beads and stones painted in eye catching patterns and colours. The necklaces are abstractly strung together (eclectic style) on a ribbon that ties around the neck. Similar but different is what you get with these summer jewellery necklaces which are unique and stunning.  

You do not have to be a lover of bohemian jewellery or favor Carrie Bradshaw's dress sense to appreciate these ceramic beaded necklaces. You simply need a unique sense of style and to value your individuality.   Add these necklaces to your summer wardrobe and look fabulous and have fun wearing them to your next summer barbecue, summer wedding or summer evening out. 

Thursday, 19 May 2011

denim dresses - the latest denim must have this summer

Denim is a year round wardrobe staple that we can all admit to wearing, be it a pair of denim jeans or a denim jacket. But do you have denim dress in your wardrobe? I know I don’t. The denim dress is the latest denim must have this summer and it does not just stop at dresses. Stella McCartney in her spring summer 2011 collection in addition to a denim section of tunics and shorts has produced 70’s style A-line skirts which you can team with soft blouses like silk and denim blazers in boxy shapes to create the ideal work wear this summer.

Stella McCartney boxy shape denim dress spring summer 2011

While the boxy shapes do not appeal to me, I am already reaching for my brown leather belt and metallic brown leather sandals to complete the look. Copper jewellery really contrasts well with the denim look so I will finish off with copper earrings and maybe be a copper necklace or bracelet depending on which denim dress I choose and the occasion of course.  Here's my short-list of denim dresses from La Redoute.

It's summer so you can keep it cool with this lightweight denim dress with contrasting seaming to create a fantastic figure-hugging effect.  What I especially like about this dress is that it can be both dressy or casual depending on your accessories. My copper cuff bracelet and oval leather handbag is great for a casual look.  For a more dressy occasion my Peruvian silver jewellery necklace and earrings set and blue coral ring will be ideal. 

stunning blue coral silver ring (adjustable)

You can create a very relaxed and laid back look with this Safari-Style Denim Dress.  A new take on your regular denim shirt dress and stylishly accessorised with brown leather belt and neck scarf.  I would only need a pair of copper earrings to complete this look.

I'm really liking this last look though I would prefer the wedged sandals shown above instead of the boots. Another ultra light softly flared denim dress accentuated with a crochet inset at the neckline.  A fabulous combination of two key trends this summer the crochet trend and the denim dress trend. 

Monday, 16 May 2011

Flower jewellery accessorizes Marc Jacobs' S/S 2011 collection

Flower brooches and corsages just got bigger and trendier with fashion designer Marc Jacob accessorizing his spring summer 2011 collection with huge fabric flowers including leather flower waist belts to create real flash and flamboyance of colour on the catwalk.

Traditionally corsages are known to be worn at weddings and proms, those special celebratory experiences that only happen once in a lifetime. Corsages are usually worn on the wrists, lapels, shoulders and hair with oriental florals being a particular favorite of mine to be worn in the hair. But Marc Jacobs takes it a step further and glamorizes the neck and the waistline with super sized elaborate corsages and flower brooches in vibrant reds, pink, oranges and gold.

This super size floral look may not be new for some of us especially Sex and the City viewers who may remember seeing this over sized floral corsage look on Carrie Bradshaw in her arrival in Paris ensemble - a Sonia Rykiel Top and Skirt with large flower on the front. Carrie does like her corsages as you can see from the white corsage dress she wore in Sex and the City - The movie. 

What Jacobs does differently with his corsage and flower accessory look is to add huge colour and texture to the trend creating huge impact and intrigue. Munique’s handmade hibiscus flower leather necklace is right on trend for this flower jewellery look.  Handmade jewellery never looked better, painted by hand, this handmade necklace is as lifelike as it gets.  This flower necklace is also available in red, peach and gold.

And I just think that this butterfly brooch from Lupin handmade is just cute and gorgeous and so very apt for a spring summer look.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Artisan jewellery for summer

It's not usual that I decide on a look for summer or slavishly follow current fashion trends yet I find myself on trend this spring summer 2011 with the artisan look.  The artisan trend is in full swing this spring summer  with lots of crochet tops and dresses, aztec patterned bags, trousers in tropical prints with macrame, fringes and tassels being key indicators of this artisan style.  While I don't see myself investing in a pair of crotchet shorts in memory of the 70s there are lots of accessories like crochet ballet pumps, crochet cardigans or fringed suede bags to add a fresh new dimension to your summer wardrode. 

Me I can't get enough of the handmade  artisan jewellery especially my flora and fauna jewellery which is the perfect summer wardrode jewellery accessory in summer.  Flower jewellery like my handmade necklaces, rings and earrings are now right on trend for that ethnic look that I love so much.  My firm favorites have to be my leather flower necklace, blue coral ring and heliconia copper earrings part of what I call my exotic jewellery box collection.

Add depth to your summer wardrobe with artisan jewellery handmade like Munique’s leather flower necklaces which are hand painted and look just as life-like as the hibiscus flower and the orchid flower.  This flower necklace will certainly create a mixture of textures with your look this summer. 

Blue jewellery is not an accessory I had in my wardrobe until I added my blue coral silver ring to my flora and fauna collection.  This blue silver ring is very sophisticated indeed with tiny beads for the stamen and circular shaped petals.  Best of all it is adjustable.  This may not be a oval cut Ceylon Sapphire surrounded by 18 diamonds, set in white gold like Princess Kate's engagement ring but it is a sophisticated handmade silver ring from the very unusual blue coral.  

The artisan look is not just about the clothes you wear but can really be brought out with the right accessories.  When I want to look really ethnic I reach for my bali girl necklace which looks like jewellery out of ancient Egypt.  My bali girl necklace is made of copper and brass which is fast becoming my most worn jewellery metal simply because the colour of copper jewellery is so amazing and it goes well with most looks including the nude look, a fashion trend that is always in style it seems. 

Shop now for artisan jewellery, flora and fauna jewellery and flower jewellery at

Friday, 6 May 2011

Cindy Crawford uses neutrogena body oil

I was reading this month's In Style magazine which included body tips from Cindy Crawford, who looks amazing by the way, though you can't help but be skeptical about airbrushing techniques. 

One of Cindy's favorite body finds is Neutrogena Body Oil which she says she uses on her skin while still damp.   Whether true or simply paid advertisement, I can vouch for how silky smooth my skin feels when I apply neutrogena body oil on my skin after bathing.  I must admit I have not used it in ages but just had to share my experience with the product.  I will certainly get myself a bottle and include in my skin care routine right away.  

Granted it used to feel like an eternity standing in the bathroom waiting for my skin to dry naturally but I was absolutely pleased with the results and used the time to get on with other things like brushing my teeth, combing my hair, clipping my nails.   So great tip Cindy.

The utility bag is the new it bag

Just catching up on some fashion news and it seems that the "it bag" is no longer the bag to have.  Now what you want is the utility bag.  Harriet Walker in her article “Why those in the know are no longer in with the It Bag“, says that the it bag has now been replaced by the utility bag.   According to her Independent News article, "such a bag is likely to be quiet, casual, anonymous and – of course – staggeringly expensive”.

The utility bag can be anything from a “simple plastic shopping bag”, a ruck sack, gym bag whose only attribute is that it is associated with a designer label and was shown on the catwalk. So style, fashion and overt label when it comes to bags is now replaced by practical, purposeful and no label with the only remaining characteristic being astounding prices.

Can you believe that it bag - the designer handbag that you simply had to have with the overt designer label is now firmly out of fashion?  What do they mean no labels?  What's the prestige in that for label lovers?  So how then can you spot that elusive designer made utility bag.  Price is a sure indicator. But you have to wonder when next buying your utility bag – is it genuine designer bag or a knock off? So pay special attention to your fashion news and what’s on the catwalk.

Buying designer fashion ia always tempting but do be careful that you don't end up like Rebecca Bloomwood (played by Isla Lang Fisher) in “Confessions of a Shopaholic”  running up enormous credit card bills outfitting herself in the latest Louis Vuitton top, Vivienne Westwood skirt , Miu Miu pumps and Judith Leiber belts to name a few fashion designers and all for the sake of fashion. She later sadly realizes that in many instances she was buying labels and not necessarily quality.  That movie gives new meaning to the term follow fashion.

Whatever happened to uniqueness and individuality over renown designer labels and buying quality unique handbags and handmade bags from talented artisans?  When people ask you where did you get that you know that you are doing something right don't you? 

That's why my utility bag this summer is no other than this 70’s inspired, colourful and versatile barrel bag well made by Where from 100% cotton. This shoulder bag is a stylish and funky bag for all occasions. – yoga, gym, shopping, carry on, and best of all as a beach bag for the summer. With handles, zipper and side trim all made from leather, I know that quality is built-in and that it does not cost the earth at £30.

Sadly it does not carry the price tag of the “utility bag” but it certainly serves it’s purpose.  I just love the  100% cotton inner lining in the same tone of turquoise as on the outside of the bag.  Buy online now at