Thursday, 30 July 2009

Wearing Tribal and Ethnic Jewellery

Ethnic and tribal jewellery can be very elegant, sophisticated and stately especially the pieces that are like wearable art. Statement pieces like this Clasp Necklace oozes of dramatic appeal. This necklace is made using gold metal clasps to create a stunning Cleopatra like necklace that flattens out on the chest in majestic style.

ethnic and tribal jewellery, clasp necklace

Tribal and ethnic jewellery is a key element when trying to achieve the boho look or the folk look. The boho look is reflective of the hippie styles of the 1960’s. Essentially the boho look which emerged on the fashion scene in 2000 is an ethnic look that throws together clothing and accessories inspired by styles worn by native people from around the world.

the boho look, petticoat skirt
Boho look
the boho look, maxi dress
Maxi dress one of the key elements of the Boho look

The folk look which emerged on the catwalks in 2007 was characterized by the use of paisley prints, tassels and fringing detail and was a bit of a hybrid of the boho trend.

the folk look, tunic dress
Tunic dress

Whatever your style, tribal and ethnic jewellery is a must for any wardrobe. Go for pieces that will make a statement time and time again and those that will team nicely with several outfits. Copper and brass jewellery for instance is a bit like gold jewellery which can be used to accessorize most outfits. This Modern Man copper bracelet is very tribal indeed.

ethnic and tribal jewellery, copper bracelet, modern man bracelet
Add interest to neutrals and monotone outfits with this statement fringe necklace using earthly colors.
ethnic and tribal jewellery, fringe necklace

Tribal and Ethnic Jewellery

African tribal jewellery is a big trend this summer. This rich ancient tradition from african heritage and tradition we see reflected in the embellished dress, the statement necklace and colourful accessories.

Ethnic jewellery is usually characterised by the use of natural materials such as shell, leather, seeds, nuts eg tagua nut jewellery, stone, bone, metals such as copper and brass and including gold and silver all ideally from sustainable sources. While the material used is important more importantly is the creativity in using these materials to design unique and special pieces of jewellery.

copper jewellery, copper and brass jewellery, handmade copper jewellery, copper necklace
Copper jewellery like this handcrafted Bali Girl necklace is a fine example of ethnic jewellery. Just imagine the intricate work that went into making this handcrated medallion style copper and brass necklace which simply looks majestic.

leather jewellery, flower jewellery, handmade leather jewellery, handmade flower jewellery, orchid necklace

Leather jewellery
Another popular style of ethnic jewellery is leather jewellery. Flower jewellery using leather to recreate special exotic flowers like orchids and hibicus that can be worn as jewellery is very imaginative. This hand painted orchid necklace intricately cut by hand is reminiscent of caribbean tropical holiday destinations and exotic holidays.

Tagua nut necklace, summer jewellery, colourful jewellery
Tagua nut jewellery
Tagua Nut jewellery is another favorite that really captures the imagination. These South American nuts usually linked to Brazil and Colombia can be dyed to create splendid colourful nut beads. But again it is the way in which these beads are cut and strung together that creates the beauty and uniqueness of the pieces as in this colourful summer Tagua Nut Necklace.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Summer dress

summer linen dress, summer dress, linen dress
This summer linen dress by East is classical and elegant. Simply designed with a gathered scoop neck that ties in the middle, the simplicity of the style is enhanced by the use of the bold spot retro print in linen. The rich colours green, brown and turquoise go so well together and offers many options for an accompanying cardigan. A lovely summer evening dress that will team nicely with a pair of exquisitely designed leather handcrafted summer rose sandals.

leather sandals, handmade leather sandals, rose sandals

Monday, 20 July 2009

Summer holiday wardrobe

If like me a summer holiday means beach and white sands then make sure you have your summer holiday wardrobe ready to go. Some of you may have booked your summer holiday way in advance while others are still waiting to see what the english weather is doing before deciding whether to book a French or Spanish beach holiday. Either way it makes sense to have your summer holiday wardrobe ready to avoid the hassel of last minute shopping as panic buying usually results in many ill advised purchases that you usually regret once your holiday is over.

summer beach holiday, Barafundle Bay in pembrokeshire
There are perfectly heavenly get aways right here in England like Barafundle Bay in Pembrokeshire (pictured above) if you want to avoid the popular and crowded english beach holiday destinations like Blackpool, Devon and Cornwall. There is absolutely lots to do and see in South Wales with many heavenly beaches to choose from.

Or maybe a poolside holiday may be just what you need to bring out your glamourous side. But while the jury is out and you are still exploring your options why not get that summer holiday wardrobe ready.

summer holiday wardrobe, summer dress
On beach holidays keep it casual and loose with this grandad style neckline summer dress with mother of pearl buttons and drawstring around the hips. This summer dress is made of ramie which is a natural fibre similar to linen and most importantly will keep you cool in broiling temperatures.

summer holiday wardrobe, summer dress, shirt dress
I especially like this multi-coloured shirt dress in printed cotton. The colours shout summer fun and this summer dress is sure to flatter your best points and cover up any problem areas. Softly fitted at the top with bust darts and smocked detail at the back. The flared hem with panels front and back below the waist give fullness to the skirt. Ties to knot at the front like a belt or at the back for a more fitted look.

This shift dress in 100% linen is 100% natural and again will keep you cool! Rounded drawstring neckline with keyhole detail at the front. A pretty softly flared style, softly fitted at the top with darts at the bust and back.

summer holiday wardrobe, summer dress, shift dress
Choosing that all important swimwear depends on your shape and what you feel comfortable and confident wearing. There is no use selecting a swimsuit that leaves you self conscious and constantly tugging to keep it in place. So the choice is yours. This chocolate and turquoise Bikini Set is simply breathtaking. Go for colours and shapes that are flattering to your skin tone and shape.

summer holiday wardrobe, swimwear, bikini set
If poolside glamour is what you are after then this stunningly stylish Halterneck mini spot swimsuit is absolutely flattering.

summer holiday wardrobe, swimwear, halterneck swimsuit
Remember to pack that all important and fashionable kaftan to really strut your stuff at the poolside. This holiday kaftan in animal print calmly reflects the aquamarine colour of the poolside or beachside. Or keep it cool and refreshingly simple yet sexy with this Crochet Detail Kaftan

summer holiday wardrobe, kaftan, animal print kaftan
summer holiday wardrobe, summer kaftan, kaftan
Summer sandals

For that all important summer sandal to get your feet noticed in this metallic bronze handmade thong sandal with leather strapped beaded like decoration on toe post. These comfortable and sexy sandals are available in metallic bronze leather as shown here or gold.

summer sandals, summer holiday wardrobe

Monday, 6 July 2009

Natural hair and skin products by Anita Grant

Sustainable beauty products
Sustainable beauty is all about going back to the fundamentals of nature, back to our roots as it were. As a child my mother used pure cocoa butter on our skin as well as coconut oil she made herself. So I grew up using natural products and am always on the look for pure wholesome products for my skin and hair. So I’m quite excited to share my latest find –Anita Grant’s natural hair and skincare range mixed by hand just for you.

When I discovered Anita’s hair and skincare range I was like a kid in a candy store and wanted to try everything. There are hair and body butters, organic fruit oils, organic brazilian oils, organic Kelp + Ylang Babassu Shampoo Bars etc. Anita's products are fresh, nutritious and made from plant-based ingredients ethically sourced from farming communities and/or partnerships with fair trade and organic suppliers throughout the world.

Unrefined Shea Butter
I have used pure unrefined shea butter on my hair, face and body for years and can attest to how silky soft it leaves my skin and hair. I don’t know of any off the shelve hair and skin product that moisturises my skin and hair as well especially in the winter. It is also an amazing foot cream. The best thing is that shea butter is naturally enriched with vitamins A & E which are vital for hair and skin. What better way to nourish our skin and hair than with naturally enriched products?

unrefined shea butter by Anita Grant, natural and organic skin and haircare products
Unrefined shea butter heals, soothes & protects everything it touches regenerating & restoring elasticity to skin & lustre to stressed tresses.

organic carrot oil and wheat germ face cleanser by Anita Grant, natural and organic skin and haircare products
Dissolve debris, dirt, grime, excess sebum, makeup and other pore cloggers from your skin with this unscented Organic Carrot & Wheat Germ Cleansing Oil containing Organic Carrot Root oil, Wheat Germ, Coconut Oil, Organic Sesame Seed Oil and vitamin E all of which combat ashy dryness leaving your skin grime free and subtly soft to the touch.

We are what we eat

The old adage “we are what we eat” does not only apply to what we put in our months but also applies to what we ingest through the pores in our skin and scalps. Because up to 60% of what we apply on our skin can be absorbed into our blood stream, it stands to reason that any product you are using on your face and hands and hair should be safe enough to eat.

This amaretto di cupuacu looks absolutely good enough to eat. Made from Organic Cupuaçu butter and Organic Andiroba oil, this body butter is bursting with essential nutrients needed for the development of healthy skin and cell membranes. Our bodies derive little benefit from synthetic concoctions but will flourish from nutritional hair and skin products such as Anita’s.

Very importantly Anita keeps it natural and uses no synthetic chemicals in her hair and skincare range. For instance this Organic Kelp + Ylang Babassu Shampoo Bar contains no contaminants such as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), phthalate, artificial colours, sodium polyacrylate, petroleum based detergents, propylene glycols or any added vegetable glycerine or animal products. Each shampoo bars is handmade from scratch, individually cut & wrapped.

Organic Kelp + Ylang Babassu Shampoo Bar by Anita Grant, natural and organic skin and hair care products
For help and advise on natural skin and hair care go to Anita's tips and tricks page or feel free to email Anita with any questions you may have. She is always willing to answer your queries.