Monday, 8 July 2013

puffball trousers or knickerbockers?

I'm always on the look out for fashion books old and new.  Rummaging through charity shop bookshelves, second hand bookshops has certainly become a pastime.  Most anywhere I go now you can always find a bookshelf with second hand books being sold off for 50p in parish halls, doctors surgeries, public attractions like Gardens, steam railways attractions you name it.  They say with the advent of Kindle published books are becoming less and less popular but I just love leafing through old books especially fashion books, magazines and newspapers as I'm always intrigued how fashion simply re-invents itself.

I recently picked up a book at, off all places my local library, called Worst Fashions: What We Shouldn't Have Worn... But Did by Catherine Horwood.  Can't say that I normally frequent libraries but had to take the kids their to research a project on Thailand.  Horwood in this book highlights fashion from the 60's, 70's and 80's which was felt to be a total fashion faux pas or simply unflattering.  Ironically many of the fashion "we shouldn't have worn but did" have made a 360 degree turn and are back with us.

Knickerbockers a fashion trend popularized in the 70's is certainly back with us just by another name : puffball trousers.  Have to say I quite fancy myself in a pair of these.  Like all fashion some flatter certain body shapes more than others and what is a no no for me may simply be a green light for you as Trinni and Susannah illustrates in their body shape bible and "what not to wear" series.   I remember in the 80's and 90's looking back at pictures of my cousins wearing bell bottom trousers and platform shoes with the big hair and thinking I'll never wear that.  Now 70"s fashion is my favourite fashion era and I have an absolute passion for bell sleeves blouses.  So I've learnt to never say never. 

7th anniversary gift ideas

So it's your anniversary.  What to get her? -  is the question on his mind. Sadly if not unfairly, the onus is always on the husband/partner/boyfriend procure that present that she is sure to find special and make her gasp at his thoughtfulness.  Mind you he has to get it right every year and outdo himself year after year after year.  I certainly don't envy them.  It's a bit like tennis where top players like Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and now Andy Murray have to prove worthy of their tennis ranking match after match, grand slam after grand slam.

If you are a traditionalist then that's half the battle won as all you have to do is google presents for sevens years of marriage or seventh anniversary gift ideas which is certainly going to narrow your choices.   Mind you as you can see below you have traditional and modern presents in the Anniversary Gift Guide.  I was pleasantly surprised to learn that copper is a traditional 7th anniversary gift as no woman would be disappointed to receive a unique handmade copper jewellery gift set like this copper necklace and copper earrings gift set entitled "grapevine".   This unique jewellery piece is an absolute favourite with the ladies.

Jewellery gifts for her is always a safe fall back position but gifts for her should always be about the person and celebrating the uniqueness of your relationship with that person.  So feel feel to stray from this set menu anniversary gift guide and buy your woman the gift that words would simply cannot express.

Anniversary Gift Guide

3rdLeatherCrystal & Glass
4thLinen (silk)Electrical Appliances
7thWool (copper)Desk Sets
8thBronzeLinens & Lace
9thPottery (china)Leather
10thTin (aluminium)Diamond Jewellery
11thSteelFashion Jewellery, Accessories
12thSilkPearls, Coloured Gems
13thLaceTextiles & Furs
14thIvoryGold Jewellery
25thSilverSterling Silver Jubilee
35thCoral (jade)Jade

Friday, 5 July 2013

buy crocs boots online

Reviews can be so helpful when buying online.  No matter what you are buying; be it shoes, clothes, handmade jewellery or anything else that you are after, other people's opinion can allay your own fears of distance shopping not only in terms of product quality and fit if applicable but in terms of customer service as well which is very important.  I recently bought myself a crocs boot and was only encouraged to do so after reading through the reviews on amazon.  Have to say I'm pleased with my purchase and my feet are so much warmer than in wellies and they are super light.  While they come in several different colours, rather than celebrating my usual desire for colour I went for the classic and conventional brown (or expresso as it is called) which compliments all outfits.  

Though I'm  always benefitting from other peoples online shopping experiences I honestly seldom if ever take the time to offer feedback of my own despite doing 80% of my shopping on the internet.  Awfully selfish isn't it? Really it's simply laziness but I do so much shopping online that reviews can become overwhelming at times.  But I'm going to try and do better from now and start leaving reviews and not wait until I have a bad experience which is usually when internet shoppers ensure that fellow shoppers read all about it. 

Thursday, 4 July 2013

fashion wish lists

When you spend as much time on the computer as I do, you can't help but take a break sometimes to browse new arrivals, especially when your mailbox is constantly bombarded by email alerts updating you on sales, discounts and money off offers.

Just as you can window shop on the high street sometimes, I'm usually window shopping online, adding all my favourite items to my wish list which makes it easy to find if and when I do decide days later that I simply must have it.  I'm sure there are times when you come across an item online which you don't buy immediately but days later its still on your mind.  When you decide you're getting that must have item you can spend many hours of desperate searching trying to find it. Annoying isn't it?

Here are my picks of the week which I have added to my wish lists

Desigual, one of my all time favorite designer satisfies my desire for the eclectic, colour and unique designs.  This desigual top "nadia" is certainly on my wish list.

Perfect for summer (if we ever have one) is this printed tunic dress from french fashion catalogue La Redoute.  Read the reviews though if you are interested in ordering this fabulously flirty flowered tunic as it is advised to order 2 sizes down from your regular size.  Can't beat the benefit of reviews so make sure and leave one when you buy online for the next shopper.

fleece plum throw

Buying fabulously fashionable summer coats, ponchos and rain macs to keep warm and dry outside is not my only concern this summer.  When I'm at home i just want to snuggle up in front of the tv looking at all those feel good christmas movies that I've just discovered on one of sky's  movie channels.   Don't have to wait until christmas apparently though I wish the same were true for roasted chestnuts.  

For that brief moment while it thunders with rain outside, I want to believe in the miracle of christmas and warm my heart with tales of santa and what could happen if we just believe even if it is just through the realm of my television screen.  

I've just popped my much used and much loved fleece plum throw in the wash : my favorite tv snuggle up time blanket.  The kids just love to pile in and cuddle up with me while I'm taking in these Christmas movies, not that they are so interested in the storyline but they grasp their opportunity to start whispering their christmas wish list in my ear.  Can't say that they don't look out for number 1 - themselves!!!

Summer skirts and dresses

Today after picking the kids up from school I simply had to head home before taking them to their activity. At the risk of being late for tennis my detour home just could not be helped as i was sweltering in jeans and long sleeve tee shirt. my legs were screaming for some ventilation so a skirt or dress was just what i needed.  having just moved house neither were readily available as my summer wardrobe was still packed away in suitcases chaotically lodged in the garage.  Didn't think I would be needing it in a hurry considering the weather we've been having.

There I was having to rummage through the garage to find the right suitcase first of all and then pull out a dress which smelt as musty as anticipated having been packed away since winter.   Did I care?  It was simply too hot today. A change of underwear was also necessary as my white underwear is a no no for me under a light cotton dress.   I'm simply not a Sex and the City kind of girl when it comes to that. 

Sitting here waiting on the kids to finish I'm relieved that I made the effort to pop in and change first as if you think it's hot outside, the body heat generated from other waiting parents the body heat is really starting to take it's toll. Note to self - unpack summer wardrobe tonight including flip-flops and summer sandals.   You just can't have enough summer skirts and dresses.  Must try on as i unpack as I know I am a little more rotound than last summer.

don't get rained in

Rain drops keep falling on my head is the tune I was reminded of all of last week as it rained and rained during the half term last week.  Other than play dates at friends' houses all I could manage was cinema with the kids to see Epic and IronMan 3.  Be warned Epic does challenge your emotional realm as it borders on being a bit of a romance movie at times.  Imagination wise, it makes you want to venture out into your back garden in search of this ultra insect universe.

Can't say that I enjoyed getting wet from the car to the cinema though the kids certainly didn't mind.  On any other day we could have walked to the cinema but I didn't fancy getting there looking like a drowned rat.  There should be somewhere to check your wet coats, water proof ponchos and umbrellas at more public places, don't you think?  Especially given the fact that the weather is usually 90% unfavorable in the good old United Kingdom.

I wasn't always adverse to a bit of rain.  Like the kids I used to love walking in the rain and was always happy to get caught in the rain especially when on my way home from school.  Bathing in the rain was always a particular favorite.  My siblings and I would done our swimwear and play in the rain for hours.  Redirecting the guttering over a drum used to collect the precious rainwater to position it over our heads to feel the powerful gush of water cascading over our bodies was simply priceless.  Obviously can't go out to play did not apply to us when it rained.

Why we complain so much about the rain when we get older must be a result of our diminishing spontaneity and our increasing role of responsiblility.    Like anything else it is a matter of dressing for the weather.  Some say that there is no such thing as being too cold but just a case of not dressing warmly enough.  So too when outfitted for the rainy weather in our wellies, rain macs, ponchos (and I'm really starting to like the water resistant ponchos as it covers so much more of me) the pouring rain does not feel so bad.  Me I've started looking forward to warming up with a hot cup of tea or soup once i get to where im going.  It's all about perspective.

By now you may have realised that I wrote this article months ago as the half term is long gone but the topic of rain is still so very current as those of you attending Wimbledon, 20 20 Cricket, Sports Meets at Crystal Palace and the Alexander Stadium are well aware.  Once you've bought you tickets for these events you are pretty much committed so get yourself a ponchos and stay dry.