Thursday, 4 July 2013

Summer skirts and dresses

Today after picking the kids up from school I simply had to head home before taking them to their activity. At the risk of being late for tennis my detour home just could not be helped as i was sweltering in jeans and long sleeve tee shirt. my legs were screaming for some ventilation so a skirt or dress was just what i needed.  having just moved house neither were readily available as my summer wardrobe was still packed away in suitcases chaotically lodged in the garage.  Didn't think I would be needing it in a hurry considering the weather we've been having.

There I was having to rummage through the garage to find the right suitcase first of all and then pull out a dress which smelt as musty as anticipated having been packed away since winter.   Did I care?  It was simply too hot today. A change of underwear was also necessary as my white underwear is a no no for me under a light cotton dress.   I'm simply not a Sex and the City kind of girl when it comes to that. 

Sitting here waiting on the kids to finish I'm relieved that I made the effort to pop in and change first as if you think it's hot outside, the body heat generated from other waiting parents the body heat is really starting to take it's toll. Note to self - unpack summer wardrobe tonight including flip-flops and summer sandals.   You just can't have enough summer skirts and dresses.  Must try on as i unpack as I know I am a little more rotound than last summer.

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