Thursday, 4 July 2013

don't get rained in

Rain drops keep falling on my head is the tune I was reminded of all of last week as it rained and rained during the half term last week.  Other than play dates at friends' houses all I could manage was cinema with the kids to see Epic and IronMan 3.  Be warned Epic does challenge your emotional realm as it borders on being a bit of a romance movie at times.  Imagination wise, it makes you want to venture out into your back garden in search of this ultra insect universe.

Can't say that I enjoyed getting wet from the car to the cinema though the kids certainly didn't mind.  On any other day we could have walked to the cinema but I didn't fancy getting there looking like a drowned rat.  There should be somewhere to check your wet coats, water proof ponchos and umbrellas at more public places, don't you think?  Especially given the fact that the weather is usually 90% unfavorable in the good old United Kingdom.

I wasn't always adverse to a bit of rain.  Like the kids I used to love walking in the rain and was always happy to get caught in the rain especially when on my way home from school.  Bathing in the rain was always a particular favorite.  My siblings and I would done our swimwear and play in the rain for hours.  Redirecting the guttering over a drum used to collect the precious rainwater to position it over our heads to feel the powerful gush of water cascading over our bodies was simply priceless.  Obviously can't go out to play did not apply to us when it rained.

Why we complain so much about the rain when we get older must be a result of our diminishing spontaneity and our increasing role of responsiblility.    Like anything else it is a matter of dressing for the weather.  Some say that there is no such thing as being too cold but just a case of not dressing warmly enough.  So too when outfitted for the rainy weather in our wellies, rain macs, ponchos (and I'm really starting to like the water resistant ponchos as it covers so much more of me) the pouring rain does not feel so bad.  Me I've started looking forward to warming up with a hot cup of tea or soup once i get to where im going.  It's all about perspective.

By now you may have realised that I wrote this article months ago as the half term is long gone but the topic of rain is still so very current as those of you attending Wimbledon, 20 20 Cricket, Sports Meets at Crystal Palace and the Alexander Stadium are well aware.  Once you've bought you tickets for these events you are pretty much committed so get yourself a ponchos and stay dry.

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