Friday, 11 February 2011

30% discount at Munique this valentine weekend only

Get a whooping 30% discount off everything at Munique Fashions when you use discount code - valentine - at checkout.  There's still time to get that precious valentine day gift for your loved one or treat yourself to handmade jewellery on your wish list.  But hurry offer ends this Sunday. 

Your 30% discount can only be redeemed at checkout. To take advantage of this generous discount please enter discount code – valentine – at the checkout. When you type the word - valentine- in the discount code box at checkout and press return, your discount will be applied automatically. Discount code expires Sunday February 13, 2011.

With your 30% discount this volcanic lava stone pendant mounted on sterling silver chain can be yours for just £40, fantastic value for unique handmade jewellery that will be treasured forever.   Shop now and save

Thursday, 10 February 2011

The perfect jeans for your bodyshape

I'm on the hunt for a new pair of jeans after wearing my last favorite pair of jeans to the ground.  Sadly I think it is time for us to part ways as it looks too tattered and I don't do shabby chic very well.  Could never understand why people pay top dollar and buy new jeans that's already deliberately torn or distressed all because they've been advertised as trendy or as seen on the catwalk.  If you wear and wash your jeans long enough they will become distressed, faded, worn and all those other buzz terms that mean worn out jeans.  A good idea for my worn out jeans since I love them so much is to add fashionable paisley patches  so maybe I'll hold on to them after all.  May come in handy for that bout of gardening fever when spring finally shows its face. 

But still need to find me some new fashionable, fabulous and well fitting jeans for my body shape.  I must admit I approach all my clothes purchases as I do handmade jewellery, I look for the unique and unusual even if it is only a pair of jeans.  Since I wear my jeans often I must always feel good each time I put them on and know that it is money well spent.  Denims after all are a year round wardrobe staple.

So first things first body shape.  Our blog article on Choosing a winter coat to suit your body shape has a video link to finding your bodyshape and fashion DNA.  Alternatively go straight to input your body measurements and you are well on your way to defining your bodyshape.  Once you know your body shape, click on Gok Wan's "How to look good naked - choosing the right jeans" video and you're sure to buy the right jeans for your body shape.

For a wide range of designer jeans including the one pictured here go to dress-for-less

Monday, 7 February 2011

sea jewellery

Every time we go to Wales and spend time by the beach I am always inspired by sea jewellery as my kids collect countless shells on the beach.  Sea jewellery can either be jewellery with a sea motif or jewellery using materials from the sea like blue coral which readily comes to mind given my most recent acquisition of a blue coral ring.  But before my blue coral ring, pearls were one of the first things I associated with sea jewellery as there is nothing more natural and precious than that.

That's why I'm loving this unique shell necklet with swarovski crystals pearl so simple and yet stunning.  This unique pearl jewellery in sterling silver is mounted on an 18 inch silver cable necklet.  You don't have to a lover of sea jewellery for this pearl necklace to take your breath away.  Which woman wouldn't feel loved and adored receiving this handmade jewellery necklet as a gift on valentines day?  Click her for more valentines day gift ideas.

shell pendant

So while men are busy looking and thinking about valentines day gifts for her to bestow on their loved ones, us ladies are planning our outfits for that valentines day dinner date.  Even if you haven't had an invitation there's no harm in being prepared.  See what I mean about expectations?  Lets hope we are not planning in vain.  Keep it simple is what I always say so why not revamp an old number from your wardrobe with some dramatic handmade jewellery or chunky jewellery.   This shell pendant can be just what you need to glamorize that little black dress or that wrap dress.  A very ethnic jewellery piece that comes mounted on a thick silver snake chain, looks absolutely stunning!. Cut by hand, the shell is decoratively arranged on a disc pendant held in place by a polished silver clasp welded to the disc.  Click here to buy shell pendant online.

Friday, 4 February 2011

blue coral ring

Wore my newly acquired blue coral ring to an annual dinner last Thursday and got so many compliments that my husband was feeling all smug as it was a christmas present from him.  It is a stunningly gorgeous silver handmade ring in a flower design and I do like floral jewellery though it's usually flower earrings or flower necklaces for me.  So well done to my husband for choosing such a unique jewellery gift.

I did wish he didn't broadcast that he bought it at Munique fashions as I rather like having unique and unusual handmade jewellery gifts all to myself.  

I guess it's true what Munique says that their jewellery is a conversation with fashion that starts, "where did you get that?, as my blue coral ring really sparked off conversation at the dinner table. I explained that the ring was handmade which evoked even more appeal and being adjustable meant that it would at least fit on one of my five fingers.  I'm really terrible with names but one woman at the table commented that she had no idea that blue coral existed as she was only familiar with red coral as was I.

I imagine that the four women on my table are looking forward to a valentines day jewellery gift from Munique.  Buy unique handmade jewellery from Munique Fashions

What valentine gift are you expecting?

Valentine's day,  that time of year that makes many men nervous and even more women apprehensive especially when not in a long term or committed relationship.  As tradition would have it, on this gift giving occasion the onus is on men to pamper their valentines unlike christmas where it is an exchange of gifts.  Not fair on men I say but we women have our own inequalities to deal with. 

Why the nerves?  Well it's fair to say that the choice of gifts, thoughts and sentiments expressed on the part of the male can sometimes be a clear indication of where you stand in a relationship.  A definite relationship maker or breaker if there ever was one as indeed it is all about expectations being fulfilled or shattered.

Men can't get more transparent than zero effort on such a momentous social calendar event. That said some people put no importance on the valentines day tradition and not giving a valentines day gift or acknowledging the day in some way is in no way a sign of where the relationship is headed. 

So what type of valentine are you? 
Do you like the show and attention of having flowers and chocolate sent to the office?  Some people love this overt attention or to be wined and dined at a fancy restaurant while others are more conservative and prefer a valentines day gift at the end of the day over a quiet dinner.   Me I like the sentiment and a memento to treasure forever, so handmade jewellery can never disappoint.

Here's hoping that your valentines day expectations are met even if you do send yourself gifts at the office to avoid feeling left out or others feeling sorry for you.  So much pressure, it makes me wonder where the idea of valentines day even originate.  If you share my curiosity click here to read why every year, on February 14 millions of men across the globe set out to impress their wives, partners, fiancees,  girlfriends etc with unique jewellery and special gifts, flowers, chocolates .......and why you have to book months and weeks in advance to ensure you get a table at your favorite restaurant.