Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Choosing a winter coat to suit your body shape

Deciding on which winter coat to buy can be a real fashion dilemma as there are so many to choose from.  Especially in the January sales you can find yourself making impulse purchases if the price is right.  I always have a good rummage through my wardrobe before I hit the online sales so that I buy more of what I need and not more of what I already have.

This year I need a 100% wool winter coat to cope with the weather we've been having.  If I do go for a wool blend like this Reiss Angel Fit And Flare Coat then it has to be at least 80% wool as I must admit that it is getting harder and harder to find 100% wool coats.  When browsing online most winter coats are advertised for example "Single Breasted Textured Coat with Wool".  So you know right away that it is a wool blend.  I hope I don't have to compromise my number one priority of being a 100% wool as there are lots of stylish wool blend coats out there. 

Material sorted now I can focus on style of coat.  Double breasted coats are a definite no no for me as they are not particularly suited for women with large boobs.  This classic design coat looks fine on me when unbuttoned but when buttoned simply makes my boobs look squashed and saggy.  So I'm afraid that rules out double breasted and military style coats  for me which amazingly limits my choice of winter coats as the stores and high streets are flooded with these styles of coats.

So body shape is important if you want to ensure that your new coat looks great on you.  To define your bodyshape click here to view this video Find Your Body Shape and Your Fashion DNA.

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