Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Choosing the right colour clothes

What are your power colours i.e. the colours that best compliment your skin tone and make you stand out? If one of your new year resolutions was to change the way you dress then choosing the right colour clothes is right up there with choosing the right style of clothes for your bodyshape.  

How to find the best colours for your skin tone
Beauty they say is in the eye of the beholder and so true when it comes to determining your "power colours" as  Natalie from Elan Image Management puts it.  Because other than a image consultant it is your friends, family and strangers even who will compliment your choice of colours.  That said when you do find the perfect colours for your skin tone it does not mean that it is the only colour for your wardrobe.  Remember that each colour has several different hues so while one shade may not do you justice certainly another shade may be just right.  Winter is a great time to experiment with finding your perfect skin tone colour as you can invest in several neck scarves in varying colours and see which brightens your face the best.  
Click on play below and start choosing the colours that flatters you best.

Now that the feeding frenzy at the sales are over and your credit card is exhausted, I hope you're not regretting some impulsive shopping buys especially after watching this colour demo? But don't worry if you are.  Grabbing clothes off the sale rack because they are cheap is not unusual - it's the best adrenalin rush ever especially for us ladies!!!! Even if your finding that some of your star buys are a bit dull for you or washes you out completely, you can always jazz it up with a vibrant handmade scarf and other fashion accessories.

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