Thursday, 27 May 2010

Get sex and the city movie 2 looks from Debenhams

The way in which the story of these personalities is told through the use of fashion is so well constructed and continuously played out. Samantha is your dramatic dresser - your look at me personality while Miranda is your practical dresser in classic, safe black. Charlotte is your romantic personality in girlie pink and Carrie madame eclectic style wears neon lime green in a style as fluid as her personality.

For me sex and the city the movie is a never ending fashion show which gets better and better with every movie. It's truly liberating when you find your own style and know how to adapt trends to suit your personality and style.  It's great to emulate as long as you are mindful that every fad and fashion does not suit you. At the same time I leave myself open to try new styles and expand my capsule wardrobe.

So which fashion personality are you? I like to think that I am a little of all. I love classic fashion as it never goes out of style and simply adore unique fashion accessories that would get me noticed like Samantha. I'm also fast becoming a romantic dresser with the sweet heart necklines, gore skirts, frills and lace as I have been trying out the romantic nude look this summer. I do eclectic by mixing patterns but am afraid I'm not as daring at eclectic as Carrie can be.

 Photos from  the Huffingtonpost

If you're looking to find your sex and the city look then Debenhams is a great place to start. They've teamed up with Sex and the City 2 to bring you some fabulous summer looks inspired by the new movie. From party dresses to holiday glamour, to special occasion to summer in the city you will be spoilt for choice.

The movie hits the big screen tomorrow May 28.   I can't wait to hear what you thought about the movie.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Getting in shape for summer

Yes that beach holiday is looming and I'm counting down the days to my summer break.  Now that it has gotten warmer I'm finally reaching for my summer wardrobe.  But surprise, surprise those extra puddings and indulgent fried foods which spent moments on my lips are now lingering on my hips.  

Been there before so should be easy to shift the few pounds before my holiday.  Who am I kidding?  Easier said than done but I am motivated by pending vacation and the desire as Bridgette Jones would write in her diary "to look like beach goddess" in my halterneck swimwear.   Okay so I've just got to stop buying new swimwear as this is my second not to mention the one I already have.  How many swimsuits can I possibly wear?  My philosophy though is that summer swimwear - bikini tops - is like jeans you just don't have only one pair do you?

I'm not into the faddish diets which is only a temporary fix but do try to eliminate empty calories like chocolate, ice cream, crisp, fried foods etc and go for the healthier option of whole foods and low calorie foods.  One of my favorite food always is homemade soup which I don't make enough of because it could be so time consuming.  I do love soup and whole grain bread as a light but satisfying meal and my latest find - the cuisineart soup maker is an absolute god send at the minute.  It looks like a blender but it cooks your soup with no mess and no fuss.  

Other than watching what I eat, I am walking more since the weather is so great and making sure that I am getting my five a day - fruits and vegetables that is. Summer holiday here I come!!!

Metallics and the nude look

I have been experimenting with the nude trend and I'm really getting the hang of it.  That's why the latest addition to my wardrobe includes metallics, a trend I found I had virtually little of in my wardrobe.  I like the way metallic especially bronze metallic accessories brings this nude look together.  So other than the copper jewellery which I like for this look, I've bought myself this metallic leather sandals which really adds impact to my outfit.  They are great with shorts and fabulous with skirts and dresses which I have been sporting over the last week with all this unbelievable sunshine and sweltering heat.  

The combination of metallic colours in this sandals- gold, bronze and pewter works well together to create impact, style and add hints of colour to neutral outfits.  The design is simple yet architectural and these leather sandals really come alive on your feet.  This sandal is handmade and the fit is absolutely amazing.  To use an old cliche - it fits like a glove.  Of course I had to have my pedicure and guess which colour nail polish I went for?  Nude of course!!!  But I did keep the bronze look going with my bronze make up as it is always about pulling the whole look together.

Accessorizing the nude trend with copper jewellery

Putting a look together is more than getting the clothes right. Accessorizing is absolutely key in pulling a look together and cannot be stressed enough.  Mind you, it's not just about jewellery but includes hair accessories, make up, belts, shoes, scarves and the list goes on.

When I'm going for the romantic nudes incorporating soft fabrics like chiffon and silk in cream and peachy tones then I do like to go for pearl jewellery like pearl drop earrings and pearl pendants.   But I do like the bronze and metallic accessories when it comes to accessorizing the nude trend as it is a great way of highlighting my outfit.   That's why I tend to go for copper jewellery which offers majestic peachy tones to my ensemble.  Not just any copper jewellery but ethnic style copper jewellery like this modern man copper bracelet which is both contemporary jewellery and ethnic jewellery in one and which will always be trendy.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Go nude this summer

I can't help it when I think about spring summer I think about colour, the brighter, the bolder I say  So I am having a hard time going nude this summer.  But as in life, balance is essential so a diversified wardrobe will certainly ensure that I can create different looks when I want.  By now you should have realised that when I talk about going nude, I'm talking about subtle shades of colours, natural nudes, creams, whites and neutrals.  Sorry guys!!!!

Adopting the nude fashion trend is easy.  You can wear plain neutrals in one colour or choose to mix different shades of white and eggshell colours.  Me I prefer the latter and my cream boyfriend blazer really comes in handy for this trend.  Got to mix it up with some separates like white vest and beige shorts for a casual look or for that romantic nude look go for cream tops with frills, crocheted lace and pearl buttons or eggshell silk or chiffon dresses.     

While I'm tempted, I'm not going to go for colourful jewellery but stick to bronze jewellery to add deeper richer tones to my nude look.   The hues in Munique's copper and brass jewellery really accentuates this neutral look.  Less is soooo much more with this look that I would only wear one or two pieces of jewellery depending on the outfit.  Since I always wear earrings, I will definitely choose some copper earrings and because it's summer I may lean towards a flower earring like this heliconia earring.  This contemporary style jewellery is perfect not only for summer but year round. 

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Swim anyone? - giraffe print swimwear

I know I already have a swimsuit for my beach holiday but you can't have too many swimwear on a beach holiday can you?  My rationale is that when one is wet the other is dry.  I really like this halterneck giraffe print swimwear which is very different.  Animal print bags, shoes and  giraffe print dress I have but not giraffe print swimwear.  The red lining adds such a fitting contrast - tiny detail but loads of impact.

There was a time when animal print was associated with your wild side but it has become so trendy that it is fast becoming a must have fashion accessory.  The good thing is that a little goes a long way with this trend so a simple animal print purse , belt or scarve on it's own makes you very trendy.  One or two animal print accessories are certainly enough in any outfit .  What appeals to me most about animal print accessories is that it usually blends so well with bright colours and for those who read my blog regularly, you must know that I celebrate colour.  My animal print bag with my red trench coat - absolutely smashing.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Beach bag for your summer holiday

Booked my flight and can't wait to get to the beach.  Last year my beach bag was simply too small to hold all that I needed and since I have read about the nightmares of having your purses and wallets stolen while on holiday, I am going for a bag with a zipper so wandering hands cannot help themselves to my belongings while I'm basking in the sun or dowsing. 

I don't wish to be saddled with too many bags on my holiday so I want a beach bag that is versatile and can be used as a carry on, shopping bag, the works.  I will usually be wearing my swim suit so what do I need to fit in my beach bag?  Lets see towel, book, camera, snacks, drinks, wallet, keys, cellphone and lets not forget the all important sunscreen.  

I really do like this barrel bag.  It's big enough to fit my stuff, has a zipper and it is oh so gorgeous.  What vibrant colours and they go so well with the leather handle straps - definite holiday appeal and very stylish as an all purpose shoulder bag or tote bag.  Think I found the one guys.

Summer handbags - handmade or designer?

I am not in the habit of constantly changing handbags only because I always manage to forget something I need in my old bag.  But there's something compelling about spring summer that says colourful funky shoulder bag, beach bag, straw bag, basket bag which I seem only to find in handmade handbags.  Sometimes I can find a designer handbag that ticks those boxes but I want something earthy and not clinical which sometimes only handmade bags can deliver.  It reminds me of food and the difference in taste between street food and sanitized restaurant food in exotic destinations like Thailand.  The joy of tasty food on the faces of celebrity chefs Ainsley Harriott, Jamie Oliver and Rick Stein as they sample street food in asian countries is priceless.  When I visited Thailand, I had two nights of restaurant food.  But when I found my way to the night markets, I was only having street food henceforth and did not mind the trip to get to the market.  And when it comes to summer handbags, the same applies.  

Mind you handmade bags are designer in their own right as they have been lovingly crafted by an artisan in a unique design that is not mass produced.  Thankfully for me I do not need celebrity endorsement or tradional designer brand name to know when a bag looks good.  Some people carry their Mulberyy Alexa, I carry my designer original handbag.

What do I go for in a handbag for summer?  Quirkiness, different shape, colour, material, unusual design which I can on occasion find in a designer high street brand.   One of my favorite bags is an Isabelle Fiore, a quirky leather handbag with crotchet and jewels.  Can't tell you the number of times I have been asked "where did you get that bag".  But I never tire hearing it.   Let's see if I get the same reaction with this summer bag.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Glee fashion - how to achieve Emma Pillsbury's look

I caught Glee on television last night and was quite taken with this look on Emma (Jayma Mays).  Not the look on her face mind you, as she prepares to tell Will (Mathew Morrison) off, but her outfit - striped black and white top with red skirt and red shoes.  In the show she is an absolutely quirky yet neat dresser and is always well put together.  I love her use of colours and I guess her dress sense is as different as her obsessive compulsive character.  In some ways she dresses like first lady Michelle Obama with her love of cardigans and flower brooches. Hard to believe that in one therapy session from Sue she is able to confront Will  like that.  But it was entertaining and there seems to be a metamorphosis in her character as she is emerging as a strong minded woman.  You go girl!!!!!

Anyway back to her outfit; ... if you do like this look, why not try this Ottoman black stripe dress from Principles by Ben de Lisi? The tiny red belt in the waist is such a feature in this dress and the fitted stripy body with a full, slightly flared skirt really works for me.  Order now for free dlivery and 25% off from Debenhams.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Layering up the summer day dress

There are just some days when you feel like wearing a summer dress despite the weather outside.  Since it is still chilly for spring, I am going to have to layer up my day dress to keep warm.  Light weight long sleeve jerseys worn under your dress usually does the trick and a pair of jeans under your summer dress is always practical and creates that tunic dress look. 

 I am in need of some day dresses including a maxi dress which no wardrobe should be without.  I do have one white summer dress which I absolutely adore but I was saying yesterday that while I have turquoise jewellery, I do not have much turquoise clothes. So I'm going to make an effort to include turquoise dresses in my short list or at least some dresses with a splash of turquoise and some ethnic prints.   Oh by  the way, Debenhams is having a whooping 25% off right now plus free delivery so I will be taking advantage of this offer.  I've had a good look at their range of day dresses, so many gorgeous dresses to choose from but looking for a splash of turquoise really helped narrow down my choices.  Finally here's my short list.

This brown embellished day dress just screams "garden party here I come!!!!".  I am simply drawn to the turquoise floral print in this dress from John Rocha's collection.

When I'm looking for casual elegance then this blue printed day dress is just what I need.  It looks absolutely comfortable the way it drapes over the hips into a flare.

Well what can I say about this maxi dress.  Great combination of prints, lovely vivid colours and sexy style.... certainly ticks all my boxes. 

I know this strappy dress is no where near turquoise but I do love the colours lime green and brown and the african inspired print ....  very ethnic indeed.

And last but in no way least is this aqua lily print dress.  I have to say I do love them all so how do I choose?  Would love to hear which is your favorite.  When I have decided on a dress or dresses then I can sort of summer leather sandals to complete the look.

Cropped trousers and summer shoes

I don't know what I was thinking wearing cropped trousers and summer shoes yesterday.  It was sooooooo cold.  Even my 4 year old was complaining that I needed to put a warmer coat on her. Spring cleaning my wardrobe seems a bit premature now as I have to be pulling out woolly jumpers and coats from my winter suitcase.

Three weeks ago the weather was fab but the last few weeks especially the weekends have been extremely cold for spring. The weather fluctuates throughout the day so you really have to layer up so that you could layer down when it gets warmer all in the same day. It reminds me of travelling to the warm caribbean in winter.  I leave home in my winter clothes but dress sensibly enough so that I can strip off layers as I go along.  When I get to the airport the winter coat is the first to go and is packed away in the suitcase before checking in providing there is room.  Since I tend to be cold on airplanes, I keep on my sweater or cardigan and long sleeve jersey which I strip off on the plane just before landing in preparation for stepping into the warm caribbean sunshine.  Under all of these I am wearing a vest.  Perfect for the blast of warm sunshine I am about to encounter.

But I'm not going to give up of the summer wardrobe just yet.  I'm going to keep layering up with v neck print cardigans like this Orla Kiely cardigan which is just the right colour for spring summer.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Flower jewellery - a good alternative to floral dresses

Spring and summmer always bring out the best in me as the flowers in all their varying colours spring up and people start dragging out their floral dresses and skirts as the fashion trends draws on nature and the seasons. Despite my hayfever it is my favorite time of year - the most colourful season when it comes to clothes and fashion accessories as we shed the black, grey, navy blues and other depressing tones so popular in winter for the brighter, lighter and more playful hues that actually exist on the colour wheel.

But let's face it, not everyone likes florals or thinks that it is flattering.  While some see it as very fun, fllirty and feminine others just think that it is girly and suited for children. I love it and the best thing about florals is that it is always in fashion.  For those who are not partial to the floral trend then flower jewellery is a good alternative.  In my last blogpost I spoke about about colour and mood and I can see flower jewellery having a soothing and calming effect as it can make you feel at one with nature especially with life like interpretations of floral jewellery representing the flora and fauna around you.

This turquoise flower brooch by Erickson Beamon was one of Michelle Obama's favorite accessories which she wore with many outfits almost like a signature piece. Choose flower jewellery from Munique's stunning range of copper jewellery and leather jewellery including flower necklaces all handmade to life like perfection. 

Turquoise jewellery - a must have summer accessory

I don't know why turquoise is one of my favorite colours. Maybe it is because it is so versatile as a colour and compliments most other colours so well. I must admit I have very little turquoise clothes but tuquoise jewellery I do have and it is one of my key summer accessory.
Vanessa Willaims wears turquoise necklace with yellow dress at the premiere of Hanna Montana The Movie  This chunky necklace really sets off the yellow dress.  Too bold a statement jewellery for you? If this turquoise necklace is too chunky for your liking then accent your outfit with turquoise rings or turquoise bracelet or even turquoise flower brooch as popularized by Michelle Obama. 

There is lots written about colour and mood and experts say that each hue affects distinct psychological modes in us. Try as I might I could not find info on what the colour turquoise does for your mood but since turquoise is a combination of blue and green I'll go with those. Green it is said has the tendency to make most of us think of nature, as the world around us is green (most times anyway). This connection with nature helps with general stress levels and can assist in balancing emotions. I can certainly say that I am my most peaceful when I feel at one with nature whether it is admiring a breath taking view of the outdoors or doing the odd gardening. Blue, especially light blue, denotes calm and quiet and is soothing and relaxing while darker blue while sedating can border on depressing when it is overpowering.

When I think of turquoise I think of the aquamarine blue of the tropical seas and the calm that envelops me when looking at it.  I guess my alternative to a trans atlantic trip for the calming waves of the caribbean sea is turquoise jewellery.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Mens waistcoats - achieving the casual look with a waistcoat

Mens waistcoats traditionally have been seen as mens formal wear or black tie formal wear. So more than the women, I'm sure that many of you men have a wedding waistcoat lying around in the back of your wardrobe from a wedding or some formal event you attended years ago.

Achieve the casual look with a waistcoat by wearing with simple round neck tie or crisp white shirt and jeans.  For that dressy casual look add a tailored jacket over waistcoat and crisp white shirt with dark blue denim jeans.

mens waistcoat
mens striped waistcoat
low cut waistcoat
5 button waistcoat
boys waistcoat

Waistcoats - versatile and trendy ladies waistcoats

Ladies waistcoats are one of those garments that is always in fashion and a must have for any classic wardrobe. While fashion trends changes from to season to season, the versatile and trendy waist coat can be worn regardless of what fashion trends are dictating.  A perfect addition to your year round wardrobe.

Like the wrap dress, womens waistcoat is iconic fashion that is updated by the cut or fabric to give a new edge to the same style. There is so much to choose from when it comes to fabric, you have your leather waistcoats, denim waistcoats, plaid waistcoats etc.  Here are some trendy options from La Redoute's summer collection.  I simply love them all.

low cut waistcoat

soft leather waistcoat

sexy back waistcoat

denim waistcoat

Unique fashion accessories and your capsule wardrobe

A friend of mine just asked me to save her a georgeous burgundy pink beaded necklace, just in, that is perfect for an outfit she has.  She also tried on this turquoise beaded bracelet which looked great on her but then she said "but I don't have clothes to match this bracelet."  So I said to her, "why not start with the accessories and build an outfit from there".  Interior decorators find a focal point, be it fabric, a serving tray etc and create a theme around it for a room so what's to stop us from building an outfit from accessories up when it comes to fashion.

Strangely enough I'm never been deterred from buying unique jewellery and fashion accessories because I don't have an outfit in my wardrobe to match.  As long as it good quality, unusual, stylish and makes a statement I buy it and add to my wardrobe of fashion accessories.  When I bought this belt for instance I had no idea how I was going to wear this belt and with what.

  But I loved the pearl and burgundy colours, the plaited detail and the fact that it is a leather belt at a great price.  This belt sat in my wardrobe for months before I wore it.   The tribal necklace I have had for over 20 years.  At the time I bought it I didn't even know these fashion terms.  I simply liked the necklace because it seemed unusual and now 2 decades later it is still fashionable and I'm wearing tribal and ethnic jewellery.  Now that is what I call a classical jewellery piece.  The metallic handmade leather sandals just completes this look in style.

When I where these outfits without accessories nobody comments but I add the belt and suddenly the " aren't we glamourous comments" or "what's the occasion? questions start coming my way.  Don't take my word for it just try it and see how fashion accessories can really add glamour to simple outfits.

I'm not one for building a wardrobe in a day.  But overtime you can collect some fabulous statement fashion accessories that always get the desired response to make your day.  And I am getting the hang of this capsule capsule wardrobe concept as using the same belt and trousers with a different top simply creates a new outfit.  Versatile and interchangeable, the keywords for a capsule wardrobe.

Note to self must invest in a mannequin as I simply can't photograph myself wearing these clothes.  If anyone knows a good deal on a mannequin new or second hand please let me know.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Free Prize Draw at Munique

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Spring cleaning your wardrobe

If like me you have limited wardrobe space then it's spring cleaning time -out with the winter wardrobe and in with the spring summer essentials. It's a chore I know but it simply must be done. This is a great time to really thin out your wardrobe and get rid of the clothes that you are absolutely not wearing and decide on your summer capsule wardrode. 

I usually start be going through my wardrobe and pulling out all the pieces I would not be wearing in spring and summer. These I put in one of three piles  - storage, charity shop and swap/sell. Storage is for those clothes I will be wearing again in the winter, charity shop is for the ones I wish to give away and swap is for my impulse purchases that I never wore because it really does not flatter my bodyshape. But what may look awful on you me well be suited to a friend with a different body shape. Alternatively you can opt to sell these items on Ebay or Posh Swaps

My next step is to pull out my spring summer suitcase which can be something of a nightmare when I realise that all those extra puddings during winter have literally gone to your waist and hips. So it is a good idea to try on your summer clothes to see what fits and what is not doing you any favors and add them to the relevant piles.

This way I am able to identify gaps in my wardrobe and make a list as to the summer essentials I need. This helps me to be really focussed when I am out about doing a bit of shopping as I know exactly what I'm looking for and not just buying more of the same.