Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Turquoise jewellery - a must have summer accessory

I don't know why turquoise is one of my favorite colours. Maybe it is because it is so versatile as a colour and compliments most other colours so well. I must admit I have very little turquoise clothes but tuquoise jewellery I do have and it is one of my key summer accessory.
Vanessa Willaims wears turquoise necklace with yellow dress at the premiere of Hanna Montana The Movie  This chunky necklace really sets off the yellow dress.  Too bold a statement jewellery for you? If this turquoise necklace is too chunky for your liking then accent your outfit with turquoise rings or turquoise bracelet or even turquoise flower brooch as popularized by Michelle Obama. 

There is lots written about colour and mood and experts say that each hue affects distinct psychological modes in us. Try as I might I could not find info on what the colour turquoise does for your mood but since turquoise is a combination of blue and green I'll go with those. Green it is said has the tendency to make most of us think of nature, as the world around us is green (most times anyway). This connection with nature helps with general stress levels and can assist in balancing emotions. I can certainly say that I am my most peaceful when I feel at one with nature whether it is admiring a breath taking view of the outdoors or doing the odd gardening. Blue, especially light blue, denotes calm and quiet and is soothing and relaxing while darker blue while sedating can border on depressing when it is overpowering.

When I think of turquoise I think of the aquamarine blue of the tropical seas and the calm that envelops me when looking at it.  I guess my alternative to a trans atlantic trip for the calming waves of the caribbean sea is turquoise jewellery.

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Style Eyes said...

Wow I love this combination of colours- very daring!