Monday, 10 May 2010

Unique fashion accessories and your capsule wardrobe

A friend of mine just asked me to save her a georgeous burgundy pink beaded necklace, just in, that is perfect for an outfit she has.  She also tried on this turquoise beaded bracelet which looked great on her but then she said "but I don't have clothes to match this bracelet."  So I said to her, "why not start with the accessories and build an outfit from there".  Interior decorators find a focal point, be it fabric, a serving tray etc and create a theme around it for a room so what's to stop us from building an outfit from accessories up when it comes to fashion.

Strangely enough I'm never been deterred from buying unique jewellery and fashion accessories because I don't have an outfit in my wardrobe to match.  As long as it good quality, unusual, stylish and makes a statement I buy it and add to my wardrobe of fashion accessories.  When I bought this belt for instance I had no idea how I was going to wear this belt and with what.

  But I loved the pearl and burgundy colours, the plaited detail and the fact that it is a leather belt at a great price.  This belt sat in my wardrobe for months before I wore it.   The tribal necklace I have had for over 20 years.  At the time I bought it I didn't even know these fashion terms.  I simply liked the necklace because it seemed unusual and now 2 decades later it is still fashionable and I'm wearing tribal and ethnic jewellery.  Now that is what I call a classical jewellery piece.  The metallic handmade leather sandals just completes this look in style.

When I where these outfits without accessories nobody comments but I add the belt and suddenly the " aren't we glamourous comments" or "what's the occasion? questions start coming my way.  Don't take my word for it just try it and see how fashion accessories can really add glamour to simple outfits.

I'm not one for building a wardrobe in a day.  But overtime you can collect some fabulous statement fashion accessories that always get the desired response to make your day.  And I am getting the hang of this capsule capsule wardrobe concept as using the same belt and trousers with a different top simply creates a new outfit.  Versatile and interchangeable, the keywords for a capsule wardrobe.

Note to self must invest in a mannequin as I simply can't photograph myself wearing these clothes.  If anyone knows a good deal on a mannequin new or second hand please let me know.

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