Thursday, 27 May 2010

Get sex and the city movie 2 looks from Debenhams

The way in which the story of these personalities is told through the use of fashion is so well constructed and continuously played out. Samantha is your dramatic dresser - your look at me personality while Miranda is your practical dresser in classic, safe black. Charlotte is your romantic personality in girlie pink and Carrie madame eclectic style wears neon lime green in a style as fluid as her personality.

For me sex and the city the movie is a never ending fashion show which gets better and better with every movie. It's truly liberating when you find your own style and know how to adapt trends to suit your personality and style.  It's great to emulate as long as you are mindful that every fad and fashion does not suit you. At the same time I leave myself open to try new styles and expand my capsule wardrobe.

So which fashion personality are you? I like to think that I am a little of all. I love classic fashion as it never goes out of style and simply adore unique fashion accessories that would get me noticed like Samantha. I'm also fast becoming a romantic dresser with the sweet heart necklines, gore skirts, frills and lace as I have been trying out the romantic nude look this summer. I do eclectic by mixing patterns but am afraid I'm not as daring at eclectic as Carrie can be.

 Photos from  the Huffingtonpost

If you're looking to find your sex and the city look then Debenhams is a great place to start. They've teamed up with Sex and the City 2 to bring you some fabulous summer looks inspired by the new movie. From party dresses to holiday glamour, to special occasion to summer in the city you will be spoilt for choice.

The movie hits the big screen tomorrow May 28.   I can't wait to hear what you thought about the movie.

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