Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Flower jewellery - a good alternative to floral dresses

Spring and summmer always bring out the best in me as the flowers in all their varying colours spring up and people start dragging out their floral dresses and skirts as the fashion trends draws on nature and the seasons. Despite my hayfever it is my favorite time of year - the most colourful season when it comes to clothes and fashion accessories as we shed the black, grey, navy blues and other depressing tones so popular in winter for the brighter, lighter and more playful hues that actually exist on the colour wheel.

But let's face it, not everyone likes florals or thinks that it is flattering.  While some see it as very fun, fllirty and feminine others just think that it is girly and suited for children. I love it and the best thing about florals is that it is always in fashion.  For those who are not partial to the floral trend then flower jewellery is a good alternative.  In my last blogpost I spoke about about colour and mood and I can see flower jewellery having a soothing and calming effect as it can make you feel at one with nature especially with life like interpretations of floral jewellery representing the flora and fauna around you.

This turquoise flower brooch by Erickson Beamon was one of Michelle Obama's favorite accessories which she wore with many outfits almost like a signature piece. Choose flower jewellery from Munique's stunning range of copper jewellery and leather jewellery including flower necklaces all handmade to life like perfection. 

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