Monday, 10 May 2010

Mens waistcoats - achieving the casual look with a waistcoat

Mens waistcoats traditionally have been seen as mens formal wear or black tie formal wear. So more than the women, I'm sure that many of you men have a wedding waistcoat lying around in the back of your wardrobe from a wedding or some formal event you attended years ago.

Achieve the casual look with a waistcoat by wearing with simple round neck tie or crisp white shirt and jeans.  For that dressy casual look add a tailored jacket over waistcoat and crisp white shirt with dark blue denim jeans.

mens waistcoat
mens striped waistcoat
low cut waistcoat
5 button waistcoat
boys waistcoat


Sherin said...

I love men in waistcoats. Its such a good look.

Ladies Shoes said...

I like men waistcoat collection really awesome thanks for sharing it