Friday, 14 May 2010

Glee fashion - how to achieve Emma Pillsbury's look

I caught Glee on television last night and was quite taken with this look on Emma (Jayma Mays).  Not the look on her face mind you, as she prepares to tell Will (Mathew Morrison) off, but her outfit - striped black and white top with red skirt and red shoes.  In the show she is an absolutely quirky yet neat dresser and is always well put together.  I love her use of colours and I guess her dress sense is as different as her obsessive compulsive character.  In some ways she dresses like first lady Michelle Obama with her love of cardigans and flower brooches. Hard to believe that in one therapy session from Sue she is able to confront Will  like that.  But it was entertaining and there seems to be a metamorphosis in her character as she is emerging as a strong minded woman.  You go girl!!!!!

Anyway back to her outfit; ... if you do like this look, why not try this Ottoman black stripe dress from Principles by Ben de Lisi? The tiny red belt in the waist is such a feature in this dress and the fitted stripy body with a full, slightly flared skirt really works for me.  Order now for free dlivery and 25% off from Debenhams.

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