Sunday, 27 December 2009

New years partywear

If you have not choosen your new years partywear yet then the winter sales is a great place to find the outfit you need to ring in the new year. Stick to outfits that flatter your bodyshape and suit the occasion rather than those that are cheap and which you you will only wear once.

new year party wear, black jump suit
Go for classical clothing like this belted jump suit that will last a lifetime and which you will be able to wear year after year - though not at the same occasions of course. If your wardrobe is lacking that little black dress then browse the sales for a good quality well cut little black dress - no wardrobe should be without one. For those who already have that little black dress then go for that little black jump suit if your wardrobe is lacking evening wear trouser suits. This slash neck crepe dress is sure to dazzle and sparkle at your new years eve party.

little balck dress,sequin partywear,sequin dress
Accessorize with this sophisticated black evening bag and handmade rock crystal bracelet from Munique Fashions or with this vintage style barrel necklace for a truly vintage look.

vintage style necklace,vintage necklace
rock crystal bracelet,semi precious bracelet
evening bag,ladies evening bag,black evening bag

Your capsule wardrobe and the winter sales

We all anxiously await the annual sales - winter sales, summer sales, autumn sales. Some line up for hours early in the morning to be the first inside their store of choice. But with many sales starting online on christmas day it is so much easier to let your fingers do the walking and not have to jossle for parking space, join long lines for the changing rooms or line up to cash your items. The great thing about online shopping is that you can do it from the comfort of your living room.

black top,black blouse
This plaited trim top would certainly suit the body shape of Susannah but not Trini. Just a reminder to buy what is flattering for your body shape and avoid the pitfalls of online bargains.

Avoid the pitfalls of shopping in sales and online bargains

Whether shopping online or browsing the store sales it is important to stick to certain rules to avoid the pitfalls of shopping in sales. To ensure that you only buy clothing and fashion accessories that truly flatter you and most importantly that you need, identify gaps in your capsule wardrobe and know what you are looking to buy. I am sure you made a shopping list for christmas so do the same for your sale shopping to be sure that you will not be adding more of the same to your wardrobe.

Make a list of your wardrobe needs.

For me I know that I need v neck and cowl neck knitwear, camisoles and a strapless bra. At the same time I know how much I can afford to spend. It is important to set yourself a budget and not overspend.

If you are fortunate enough to have no gaps in your wardrobe then see if the prices are reduced on your wish list items. I am forever adding items to my wish list but do remember to revisit your wish list periodically. Wish lists do indeed save you the time of having to search for the item again on the internet. So use your wish list facilities which is available on most websites.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Chunky bracelets

Accessorizing in winter can seem a bit of a chore especially since we have to cloak ourselves in large winter coats and lots of layers to keep warm. So how do you achieve glamour and warmth? Well chunky jewellery is the perfect jewellery fashion trend for accessorizing in the winter as it only takes one piece of jewellery to glamourize your outfit and have you looking like you belong on the cover of vogue.

copper bracelet,chunky jewellery,ethnic jewellery,copper jewellery
Even if you do not go for chunky necklaces, chunky bracelets are an absolute treasure and so easy to wear. Chunky bracelets remind me of Egyptian times with Cleopatra, and the cuff bracelet can certainly be attributed to roman days. Chunky bracelets while big and bold can certainly also be elegant, stately and regal, like this handmade copper cuff bracelet. The ethnic motif of this unique copper bracelet for me is reminiscent of the ornate and decorated jewellery worn by Cleopatra and will make a very unique and unusual jewellery gift.
chunky bracelet,chunky jewellery,african beaded chunky bracelet,turquoise jewellery
This funky chunky african beaded bracelet creativley handmade using safety pins in contrasting florescent colours is always a conversational piece. The use of a mundane safety pin to create such a stunning, simple and chic ethnic jewellery piece is simply outstanding and is what statement jewellery is. Not to mention the fantastic use and combination of colours - turquoise and cobalt blue.

The chunky jewellery trend has been ongoing on the fashion scene since 2008 and does not look to be going out of fashion anytime soon. In fact, I cannot remember a time when I did not have a piece of chunky jewellery in my jewellery ensemble. This very versatile jewellery trend is easy to wear trend and a must have jewellery accessory for any meaningful capsule wardrobe.

Chunky Jewellery – a year round fashion accessory

Chunky jewellery is your year round accessory that looks great in the summer with all its bright eclectic colours and styles and is also wearable in the winter to add that accent of colour and statement look to heavier fabric and darker coloured clothing.
chunky jewellery,chunky necklace,wearing chunky necklaces You can wear choker chunky necklaces over your roll neck tees and fitted knitwear and long chunky necklaces are ideal for cowl neck knitwear. Some fashionistas go for layers of jewellery to create that chunky necklace look. You may choose to keep it simple and chic with one piece that makes a statement and tells a story.
chunky jewellery,chunky necklace,charm necklace
There is certainly lots to choose from when it comes to chunky jewellery. You can go for colourful african beaded jewellery, big flower jewellery made of leather, copper jewellery, semi precious jewellery and the list is endless.
chunky jewellery,chunky necklace,shell necklace
Big and bold is one criteria for chunky or statement jewellery but for me it should also be unusual chunky jewellery with a quirky shape or style and made from sustainable materials.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Red handbag - the perfect christmas and valentine's day gift

If your lady likes to stand out from the crowd and has a dramatic fashion personality, go for red fashion accessories as it will certainly be inkeeping with the Christmas season and is also very trendy for Valentine’s Day. This poppy red handbag ticks all the boxes for the dramatic personality. It is a bold coloured handbag, it is an original design handbag and it is a big handbag with a somewhat unusual shape. This red handbag is sure to get you noticed.

red handbag,red handbags,poppy bag

Team with this red scarf for a unique gift idea. This red scarf is a knitted lambswool scarf, felted and skillfully finished by hand to achieve the scarve's distintive appearance. This timeless creation is a perfect gift at any time of year, not just for christmas.
red scarf,red scarves,wool scarf
Leather jewellery for christmas is another unique gift idea and inkeeping with our red theme for christmas, this leather necklace made by hand in the shape of a hibiscus flower widely grown in the Caribbean fits right in. This leather necklace drapes delicately around the neck creating soft dramatic impact and covers two jewellery fashion trends as it is made of leather and it is also flower jewellery. If a red necklace is too dramatic for your lady then this dramatic flower jewellery is also available in gold, white and peach.
flower jewellery,leather jewellery,leather necklace Remember to stick to unusual christmas gifts that are both tasteful and classic and by classic I mean unique gifts that your lady can use and will cherish for years to come. This polkadot ring makes an unusual christmas gift and will add a dash of colour to any outfit.

copper ring, polkadot ring,polkadot copper ring, red polkadots

Monday, 7 December 2009

Unusual christmas gifts for her

Gift giving occasions can always be a challenge so here are some unusual christmas gift ideas with her in mind. Have a think about the fashion personality of the ladies for whom you are buying. Ask yourself does she like to stand out from a crowd? Is she a romantic at heart or is she a practical no nonsense person? What are her favourite colours? This you can tell by the colour clothes she likes to wear.

chunky jewellery,chunky bracelet
To look as if you have put some thought to gift buying, go for handmade original handbags and handmade jewellery, two popular gift ideas for her. Jewellery gifts are always a safe option as a girl just can’t have enough jewellery. Should you get the latest fashion trend in jewellery – chunky jewellery? When it comes to chunky jewellery you can go for a chunky necklace or a chunky bracelet. If unsure about what colour to get then go for neutrals like this chunky bracelet above.

suede handbag,suede handbags,handmade bags
alpaca wool, alpaca clothing, alpaca wool wrapClothes and handbags are another popular gift for her. Unique clothing like alpaca clothing makes an ideal christmas gift as it is practical for the season in terms of warmth and you cannot go wrong when you choose a unique christmas gift like this alpaca wool wrap . If your budget can afford it, team with the matching suede handbag and your lady would certainly think that she is special. This alpaca wool wrap she will wear for years to come and will always remember who gave her this special and unusual christmas gift.

Jewellery gifts for her - 4 must have jewellery accessories for your jewellery box

Statement necklace – chunky jewellery is all the rage now and a fabulous piece of timeless chunky jewellery is a jewellery accessory all women should have in their jewellery boxes. It is a matter of taste and style as to what you go for, but statement jewellery is as the name suggests – it makes a statement; and this Clasp Necklace made from black and gold clasps ticks all the boxes. It is bold, beautiful, majestic and eco friendly being made from black and gold hairpins. I cannot see anyone not making a statement when wearing this necklace. People are bound to ask “where did you get that”.

chunky necklace,chunky jewellery,statement necklace
Diamonds - Diamonds are absolutely forever and it is the birthstone for April. But alas they are quite expensive. So if diamonds are outside your budget then go for rock crystal which is used as an alternative to diamond. Rock crystal is a gemstone which has the colourless clarity of water. It has a frosty look like ice and absolutely glitters in the sunlight. Rock crystal and silver is a stunning combination and is lovely in chunky bracelets and chunky necklaces.

gemstone jewellery,chunky bracelet,silver jewellery
Pearls – a girl must have a pearl necklace in her jewellery ensemble. Pearl necklaces are now very affordable since there is huge market of cultured or fresh water pearls. With pearls available in many different colours, sizes and styles, you need not go for the traditional white single strand or double stranded pearl necklace. Pearl choker necklaces are very chic with strapless dresses or tops. If you feel a pearl necklace is too much then go for jewellery embellished with pearls. A previous article on The Pearl Necklace – a must have jewellery accessory offers suggestions on how you can wear the pearl necklace and the different styles available.

pearl necklace,pearl necklaces,pearl jewellery
pearl earring,pearl earring,
Brooch – We have seen Michelle Obama creating a new fashion trend with chunky jewellery namely chunky brooches. Her preference is the floral brooch - the turquoise flower brooch pin by Erickson Beamon being my favorite. Enamel brooches and vintage brooches are very popular. But if you are looking for a unique brooch then leather jewellery and flower jewellery are big fashion trends and so a floral pattern brooch in leather can not only look lifelike but can have you tapping into both these jewellery fashion trends in one jewellery accessory. A leather flower brooch is a perfect jewellery gift for her if you want to be different and stand out from the crowd. Click here for stylish ways to wear the flower jewellery.

flower jewellery,flower brooch,floral brooch,floral leather brooch,leather brooch

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Animal print and Cheryl Cole

Animal print has come a long way since Fred Flintsone’s animal print dress. In fact I cannot remember a time when leopard print has not been in fashion. Marks and Spencer has hit the mark with this leopard print dress accessorized with leopard print shoes and leopard print bag. click here to shop this look and make it your own. I do love the accent of the red belt.

leopard print dress, animal print dress
The red belt on the dress from Marks and Spencer is reminisccent of the red trim on this leopard print dress worn by Leighton Meester and accessorized with open toe red shoe.
animal print dress, leopard print dress worn by Leighton Meester Whether it is a trend that takes your fancy, the animal print trend is here to stay as it is never out of fashion. Leopard print as a part a relevant fashion trend is a must have for any capsule wardrobe. For those who find wearing animal or leopard print a bit much then go for leopard print accessories like scarves, belts, handbags or even handmade jewellery accessories like this feline copper pendant. Feline copper bracelet and copper earrings are also available.

leopard jewellery,leopard print jewellery,animal print jewellery,copper pendantWhile sequence and glitter is always a favorite christmas party wear, animal print can certainly be jazzed up with accents of red accessories to capture that christmas spirit and still look sexy and glamourous. Below we see Ola Jordan looking absolutely glamourous in leoapard print dress performing a foxtrot with celebrity partner -sports presenter Chris Hollins on Strictly Come Dancing - week 8.

Leopoard or animal print is a favorite with celebs like Cheryl Cole who in thew last XFactor 2008 with Alexandra Burke wore a Dolce & Gabbana Pre-Fall 2008 leopard print ensemble and also accessorizes with animal print handbag and leopard Louboutin shoe boots.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Romantic gifts from the heart

Jewellery is your all time favourite when it comes to romantic gift ideas, as let’s face who among us females do not like being showered with jewellery. You do not have to be a romantic like Charlotte from Sex and the City to feel special when given a jewellery gift. We see Carrie overcome with emotion when Alek replaces her lost nameplate with a diamond necklace in Sex and the City and Troy takes Gariella’s breathe away with a silver T pendant in High School Musical.

romantic gifts, heart pendant, heart necklace
Heart necklaces are romantic gifts that symbolizes love for as we can appreciate, the heart shape is a universal symbol for love. Heart lockets usually engraved and with a picture inside were very popular in Victorian times with heart lockets being passed done from generation to generation. The heart locket not only symbolised romantic love but was also a family keepsake.

romantic gift, charm bracelet

Charm necklaces and bracelets are also romantic gifts and are symbolic of momentos and keepsakes. Traditionally charm jewellery including necklaces and bracelets were specifically designed to add new jewellery momentos over time for different accomplishments and achievements like academic success, anniversaries, milestone journeys etc. Personalized charms are very popular with mothers who for instance wear nameplates of their children as jewellery charm pendants or have a momento for each child on a charm bracelet.

romantic gifts, charm necklaces
But nowadays more than a way of creating your own jewellery from life experiences, charm jewellery has become fashionable and a very popular fashion trend especially with those who like bohemian fashion or the folk trend.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

New in at Munique Fashions

Looking for that perfect statement jewellery to wear at your Christmas Party? Or wondering what you can get for your loved one this christmas? Then look no further, Munique has the perfect christmas jewellery gifts and unique fashion accessories that you are looking for.

Here's a sneak preview of what's new in at Munique this christmas. For more new arrivals click here
luxury charm necklace, unique jewellery gifts, handmade jewellery

This luxury charm necklace is very dramatic indeed and the wooden earrings simply stunning.

round wooden earrings, unique jewellery gifts, handmade jewellery

Visit us at for more new arrivals.

Hurry whilst stocks last!

Friday, 13 November 2009

Natural Winter Hair Care with Akamuti

Usually in the winter my hair can look so lack luster due to the harsh drying effects of the cold winter and the indoor heating. I have tried many off the shelf products to replenish moisture in my hair. But I have come to realize that my skin and hair is at its best when I go back to nature and use quality natural hair and skincare products from reliable suppliers like Akamuti.

natural hair care, organic cold pressed argan oil
Regular hot oil treatments are recommended for your hair during winter. But usually I tell myself that I am too busy to have a hot oil treatment, but these days I work it into my Saturday night tv schedule especially since Strictly Come Dancing and XFActor are on. When I am setling down to watch these programs, I come armed with my hair oils and apply to my hair, wrap it up and put on my heat cap on a low heat and just sit there and let the oils infuse into my hair and scalp. The end results after shampoo and drying is smooth silky soft hair.

natural hair care, wild crafted red palm oil
For the hot oil treatment, I use a combination of pure organic natural oils; neem oil, extra virgin organic olive oil, castor oil and wildrcafted red palm oil which is encriched with vitamin E & pro-vitamin A in the form of carotenoids. Neem oil is especially good for skin and scalp problems and since doing the treatments regularly my dry scalp has been remarkably under control. Neem oil may smell awful but it works. Once I keep this regime up, the next time I visit my hairdresser I know she will be impressed with the condition of my scalp.

natural hair car, murumuru butter, brazilian tree oil

After shampooing the oil residue out of my hair, I apply some muru muru butter, a Brazilian tree butter, to my damp hair to lock in moisture. This brazilian butter, rich in vitamin A, leaves my hair silky smooth with a natural sheen. The murumuru butter is also an excellent daily hair conditioner. I usually combine a small amount with coconut oil and apply to my hair daily.

natural hair car, organic cold pressed coconut oil
When my hair is dried after shampooing, I apply some heavenly smelling organic coconut oil to the scalp and massage gently to ensure the oils reaches the hair strands. The sheen and manageability is truly amazing. I have purchased coconut oil at pharmacies in the past but they were odouless and left my daughter’s hair smelling rancid after just a few days. If like me you have had the pleasure of using home made coconut oil, then you will know that this is the real deal. This 100% natural and cold pressed coconut oil from Akamuti maintains that coconut smell without that rancid odour post application. This fair trade oil is totally free from bleaching agents and has not been deodorised or fractionated. I just love cuddling up with my daughter and smelling her hair.

natural hair care, carrot oil
You simply must try these oils for yourself to experience the effects. A hot oil treatment is well worth the time and effort in the winter to prevent breakage due to dry and brittle hair. Ideally when you use Akamuti’s products you are actually feeding your skin and hair directly with the essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants needed to maintain radiant skin and hair. You simpy can’t beat natural goodness.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

My must have coat this winter

Helly Hansen jacket ski/snowboard, must have winter coatO'Neil jacket ski/snowboard, must have winter coat The weather is really changing now. It was absolutely cold this weekend, starting on Friday night when we took the kids to bonfire night at their school. Next morning I took them to their tennis lessons which is on outdoor tennis courts and I was freezing.

You know it’s cold when children start complaining about the temperatures outside as they are usually happy to get outside and have a play.

When I think of the must have coats for winter a ski jacket is usually not at the top of my mind as I am not into skiing at the moment. But the thermoregulating plus the windproof and waterproof finish of ski clothing is the best coat to keep me warm at Saturday morning tennis.

It is said that it is never matter of being too cold, but that people are not dressed warm enough. So true!!!!! So next Saturday I will be dressed warm enough in my ski suit including ski jacket, some ski gloves and a ski hat. Hope there are no more gaps in my winter closet.

If your must have coat this winter is a ski jacket then check out this O'Neil jacket ski/snowboard and this Hally Hansen jacket ski/snowboard.

Monday, 9 November 2009

Women's tights and leggings

Tights and leggings are one of those super five fashion accessories that is a must have when it comes to getting the most of your summer wardrobe year round. You can wear them with shorts, skirts and tunic dresses. If you are not keen on themal leggings, then you can use tights and leggings as a second layer under your jeans and trousers when it gets colder like it is today. My goosh ….it is absolutely freezing this morning.

womens's tights and leggings, women's tights,tartan tights,patterned tights Pamela Mann Printed Tartan Tights
My problem is that I go for the unique and unusual when it comes to fashion accessories and so the classic coloured grey, black and blue tights do not appeal to me. Lucky for me there is an amazing range of women’s tights to choose from that can glam up any outfit whether it is casual, evening or party wear.
womens's tights and leggings, women's tights,patterned tights Le Bourget Gipsy Tights
Of course the colder it gets the higher the dernier I wear. If it is cold like this morning I opt for 40+ dernier tights. For formal occasions and when it is warm and sunny I go for tights of 10 or less dernier which is really sheer.
womens's tights and leggings, women's tights,stripy Pamela Mann Triple Twickers stripey tights

According to the rules of fashion if you’re wearing a colourful oufit then keep the tights and leggings to a simple and classic neutral tone that includes the usual grey, browns and blues and viceversa. But there was a time when it was a no no to wear two different prints or patterns in the same outfit. Now mixed patterns are considered edgy and chic when matched to colour tones. So your selection of tights and leggings should really depend on your fashion personality and your mood for that day. But do try to vary your selection to give yoursself choice when selecting one for an outfit.

womens's tights and leggings, women's tights,coloured opaque tightsJonathan Aston Gloss Opaque Tights

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Sequin Party Wear

If it is one trend that is always fashionable at Christmas time, it is the sequin trend. The sequin trend is usually very popular around the Christmas season which just adds to the whole glitz and glamour of the holiday season with its glittering lights, shiny gift paper and shimmering red accents. And it is not the magpies who will be making a beeline for you in your shimmering and sparkling sequin outfits.

sequin party dress, sequin dress,sequin party wear Multi-coloured all over sequin dress by Mathew Williamson from the Butterfly collection

Sequin party wear is dressy; it creates impact and allows you to stand out from the crowd while looking effortlessly fabulous and chic. It is a look, not only for celebrities but perfect if you want a dressier look for your Christmas party.

sequin party top, sequin tunic dress,sequin party wear This soft sequin camisole tunic can just about fit in your bag ready for your night out after work.
You can choose from sequin dresses, sequin tops, sequin tunics, sequin vests and even sequin cardigans. The choice is endless and the sequin tops are great for dressing up a pair of jeans or trousers and just the right size to tuck in your handbag to change after work for that much awaited Christmas party. Hear comes the girls!!!!!

sequin party dress, sequin dress,sequin party wear
If you feel you are too conservative for a full sequin outfit then go for dresses like this Purple sequin embellished evening dress which is only partly sequenced. This sleeveless sequin party dress embellished jewels at the neckline is another classic option.

sequin party dress, embellished dress,sequin party wear

Alternatively you can opt to wear an embellished cardigan which practically offers warm and stylistically still creates impact. Choose from this round neck embellished cardigan or this fitted glam evening cardigan.

sequin party cardigan, sequin cardigan,sequin party wear

sequin party cardigan, sequin cardigan,sequin party wear
To see other glamourous sequin christmas party wear click here.

Friday, 30 October 2009

Must have winter fashion accessories

I’m always saddened by the end of summer especially when the clocks are turned back and darkness falls so early in the evening. But yesterday I was driving along and the wind was blowing the brown golden leaves everywhere. For miles I could see stretches of grass covered with these golden leaves and I thought what a heavenly picture. I suddenly thought, “I do like autumn”. I guess I do not look forward to the raking up of the leaves but yesterday was such a refreshing day with the sun shining, mild temperatures and a swaying wind that it almost felt like late spring / early summer.
ladies tights While the trees are baring all by shedding their leaves, it is a time for us ladies to cover up and create layers of fashion to keep warm and look stylish. By now most people are doing their wardrobe cleanout and relinquishing summer wardrobe must haves to dark crevices of the wardrobe or suitcases. I on the other hand, am mixing and matching my summer blouses with my summer dresses and tunics to create a unique but ultimately warmer look.
winter boots
I always look forward to the challenge of layering up my summer dresses with must have winter fashion accessories which include long sleeve jerseys, roll neck polos, leggings, tights, large woollen scarves, skinny jeans and boots.