Sunday, 6 December 2009

Animal print and Cheryl Cole

Animal print has come a long way since Fred Flintsone’s animal print dress. In fact I cannot remember a time when leopard print has not been in fashion. Marks and Spencer has hit the mark with this leopard print dress accessorized with leopard print shoes and leopard print bag. click here to shop this look and make it your own. I do love the accent of the red belt.

leopard print dress, animal print dress
The red belt on the dress from Marks and Spencer is reminisccent of the red trim on this leopard print dress worn by Leighton Meester and accessorized with open toe red shoe.
animal print dress, leopard print dress worn by Leighton Meester Whether it is a trend that takes your fancy, the animal print trend is here to stay as it is never out of fashion. Leopard print as a part a relevant fashion trend is a must have for any capsule wardrobe. For those who find wearing animal or leopard print a bit much then go for leopard print accessories like scarves, belts, handbags or even handmade jewellery accessories like this feline copper pendant. Feline copper bracelet and copper earrings are also available.

leopard jewellery,leopard print jewellery,animal print jewellery,copper pendantWhile sequence and glitter is always a favorite christmas party wear, animal print can certainly be jazzed up with accents of red accessories to capture that christmas spirit and still look sexy and glamourous. Below we see Ola Jordan looking absolutely glamourous in leoapard print dress performing a foxtrot with celebrity partner -sports presenter Chris Hollins on Strictly Come Dancing - week 8.

Leopoard or animal print is a favorite with celebs like Cheryl Cole who in thew last XFactor 2008 with Alexandra Burke wore a Dolce & Gabbana Pre-Fall 2008 leopard print ensemble and also accessorizes with animal print handbag and leopard Louboutin shoe boots.

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