Monday, 23 November 2009

Romantic gifts from the heart

Jewellery is your all time favourite when it comes to romantic gift ideas, as let’s face who among us females do not like being showered with jewellery. You do not have to be a romantic like Charlotte from Sex and the City to feel special when given a jewellery gift. We see Carrie overcome with emotion when Alek replaces her lost nameplate with a diamond necklace in Sex and the City and Troy takes Gariella’s breathe away with a silver T pendant in High School Musical.

romantic gifts, heart pendant, heart necklace
Heart necklaces are romantic gifts that symbolizes love for as we can appreciate, the heart shape is a universal symbol for love. Heart lockets usually engraved and with a picture inside were very popular in Victorian times with heart lockets being passed done from generation to generation. The heart locket not only symbolised romantic love but was also a family keepsake.

romantic gift, charm bracelet

Charm necklaces and bracelets are also romantic gifts and are symbolic of momentos and keepsakes. Traditionally charm jewellery including necklaces and bracelets were specifically designed to add new jewellery momentos over time for different accomplishments and achievements like academic success, anniversaries, milestone journeys etc. Personalized charms are very popular with mothers who for instance wear nameplates of their children as jewellery charm pendants or have a momento for each child on a charm bracelet.

romantic gifts, charm necklaces
But nowadays more than a way of creating your own jewellery from life experiences, charm jewellery has become fashionable and a very popular fashion trend especially with those who like bohemian fashion or the folk trend.

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