Friday, 13 November 2009

Natural Winter Hair Care with Akamuti

Usually in the winter my hair can look so lack luster due to the harsh drying effects of the cold winter and the indoor heating. I have tried many off the shelf products to replenish moisture in my hair. But I have come to realize that my skin and hair is at its best when I go back to nature and use quality natural hair and skincare products from reliable suppliers like Akamuti.

natural hair care, organic cold pressed argan oil
Regular hot oil treatments are recommended for your hair during winter. But usually I tell myself that I am too busy to have a hot oil treatment, but these days I work it into my Saturday night tv schedule especially since Strictly Come Dancing and XFActor are on. When I am setling down to watch these programs, I come armed with my hair oils and apply to my hair, wrap it up and put on my heat cap on a low heat and just sit there and let the oils infuse into my hair and scalp. The end results after shampoo and drying is smooth silky soft hair.

natural hair care, wild crafted red palm oil
For the hot oil treatment, I use a combination of pure organic natural oils; neem oil, extra virgin organic olive oil, castor oil and wildrcafted red palm oil which is encriched with vitamin E & pro-vitamin A in the form of carotenoids. Neem oil is especially good for skin and scalp problems and since doing the treatments regularly my dry scalp has been remarkably under control. Neem oil may smell awful but it works. Once I keep this regime up, the next time I visit my hairdresser I know she will be impressed with the condition of my scalp.

natural hair car, murumuru butter, brazilian tree oil

After shampooing the oil residue out of my hair, I apply some muru muru butter, a Brazilian tree butter, to my damp hair to lock in moisture. This brazilian butter, rich in vitamin A, leaves my hair silky smooth with a natural sheen. The murumuru butter is also an excellent daily hair conditioner. I usually combine a small amount with coconut oil and apply to my hair daily.

natural hair car, organic cold pressed coconut oil
When my hair is dried after shampooing, I apply some heavenly smelling organic coconut oil to the scalp and massage gently to ensure the oils reaches the hair strands. The sheen and manageability is truly amazing. I have purchased coconut oil at pharmacies in the past but they were odouless and left my daughter’s hair smelling rancid after just a few days. If like me you have had the pleasure of using home made coconut oil, then you will know that this is the real deal. This 100% natural and cold pressed coconut oil from Akamuti maintains that coconut smell without that rancid odour post application. This fair trade oil is totally free from bleaching agents and has not been deodorised or fractionated. I just love cuddling up with my daughter and smelling her hair.

natural hair care, carrot oil
You simply must try these oils for yourself to experience the effects. A hot oil treatment is well worth the time and effort in the winter to prevent breakage due to dry and brittle hair. Ideally when you use Akamuti’s products you are actually feeding your skin and hair directly with the essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants needed to maintain radiant skin and hair. You simpy can’t beat natural goodness.

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