Tuesday, 10 November 2009

My must have coat this winter

Helly Hansen jacket ski/snowboard, must have winter coatO'Neil jacket ski/snowboard, must have winter coat The weather is really changing now. It was absolutely cold this weekend, starting on Friday night when we took the kids to bonfire night at their school. Next morning I took them to their tennis lessons which is on outdoor tennis courts and I was freezing.

You know it’s cold when children start complaining about the temperatures outside as they are usually happy to get outside and have a play.

When I think of the must have coats for winter a ski jacket is usually not at the top of my mind as I am not into skiing at the moment. But the thermoregulating plus the windproof and waterproof finish of ski clothing is the best coat to keep me warm at Saturday morning tennis.

It is said that it is never matter of being too cold, but that people are not dressed warm enough. So true!!!!! So next Saturday I will be dressed warm enough in my ski suit including ski jacket, some ski gloves and a ski hat. Hope there are no more gaps in my winter closet.

If your must have coat this winter is a ski jacket then check out this O'Neil jacket ski/snowboard and this Hally Hansen jacket ski/snowboard.

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