Sunday, 29 March 2009

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Thursday, 26 March 2009

The Boho Look

The Boho look is every where. It is a great look for spring and summer with a relaxed and chilled out feel for that hot and sunny weather (we hope!). Boho is probably so popular as it is such an easy look to create. The key to this trend is looking like you haven't tryed too hard. Mismatch items, have sightly ruffled hair and don't try to look too polished. Boho takes influence from the sixties and seventies and adds a modern twist for a really up to date look. Some of the key elements of the Boho look are: maxi dresses, faded/ worn jeans and denim skirts, layering, waistcoats, coloured tights, mixing patterns and embroidery.

Accessories are a key part of the boho look. It is not is not so much about what you wear as how you wear it. So try over accessorising with interesting individual handbags lots of chunky bangles, long necklaces and handmade jewellery.

This Goatskin and Leather Handbag from Munique Fashions will add instant Boho appeal to any outfit.

Get ready for a boho summer of love with this Jasper Long heart Necklace from Munique Fashions.
Wear this Onyx and Lava Stone Bracelet from Munique Fashions with a dress to change the feel from girly to boho.

Prom, Ball and Party Dresses

If you are lucky enough to be going to a prom, ball or evening party this spring or summer, you will no doubt already be starting to think about that all important subject, what to wear? For most of us a prom, party or ball is the perfect opportunity to get really dressed up, the chance to pull out all the stops and look gorgeous in formal evening wear for just one night.

If you love dressing up, then you will probably want to consider carefully what style of prom dress will suit you best.

Pintuck Long Dress

If you are an hourglass shape, make the most of your figure by finding a dress that emphasises and nips in at the waist. Sashes are a great way to do this. A long straight dress or one with a fitted bodice and a line skirt are perfect.

Anne Louise Roswald - Enchanted Beaded Prom Dress

If you are pear shaped look for dresses with some detail at the top. Avoid detail around the hips and skirt area and look for styles that are fitted around the waist. Empire lines dresses and a line skirts both look good on pears.

Trinny and Susannah Silk Belted Dress

If you have no waist look for prom dresses with horizontal or vertical lines that elongate the body. Avoid belts ans sashes or detail on the waist of the dress. Look for simple dress designs. Low waisted dresses look good and also skirts that flare out from the hip.

Teatro One Shouldered Prom Dress

For the athletic build, make shoulders appear narrower by wearing halterneck and low back dresses. Balance out wide shoulders with a flared skirt. Short dresses and sheath dresses will look amazing on you.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Fabulous custom bags by Becky Oh!

When talking about bags I am reminded of the old adage from Shakespeare “…… That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." Well this does not apply to bags. A bag is a fashion statement and even if you are not looking and feeling your best, when someone says to you, “I like your bag”, then that’s a personal endorsement to your fashion sense. When you are complimented several times on the same bag, then you know you are doing something right. According to Trini and Susannah in their book entitled - What your clothes say about youTrinni and Susannah
– “A unique handbag shows that you have a great eye for fashion rather than a magpie’s eye for a fancy label”.

Handmade bags by Becky Oh! bespoke bags, unique bags, funky bags, one of a kind bags

Bags of appeal
I was immediately drawn to the shape of Becky Oh!’s bags. The designer Becky O'Neil is a trained sculptor and this really comes across in the dimensions of her bags.
Handmade bags by Becky Oh! bespoke bags, unique bags, funky bags, one of a kind bags

You cannot help but be captivated by Becky Oh’s eclectic use of coloured and patterned fabric. Like a kid in a candy store she mixes and matches textured fabrics ranging from luxurious silks to cottons, twills, corduroys, suedes and satins. Between the shape, textures and use of fabric you have what I like to call wearable art. Imagine strutting down the street with one of Becky Oh’s handmade originals on your arm. You are sure to turn heads not to mention perfect strangers asking you “Where did you get that?”

Handmade bags by Becky Oh! bespoke bags, unique bags, funky bags, one of a kind bags

One of a Kind
Becky Oh’s bags are one of a kind as even if they have the same shape, the fabric is different since she only purchases small quantities of each fabric. To add even more quirky appeal and charm to her bags, Becky distinctively names each design to match with the ending o sound in Becky Oh! For instance intaglio, cheerio, Ex & Oh ……. I would love to do a blog article entitled Mrs O and Becky Oh! - Mrs O being Michelle Obama who has been very supportive of innovative fashion from new designers. I hear that the first lady's main style advisor is Ikram Goldman owner of Ikram boutique in Chicago should you be interested in giving it a go Becky.

Handmade bags by Becky Oh! bespoke bags, unique bags, funky bags, one of a kind bags

Designer Becky O’Neil hails from Manchester - not Manchester, England but Manchester, New Hamsphire. However she sells many of her bags online to customers in various countries. Becky Oh!’s bags can be as bespoke as you like as she creates bags for all occasions (including weddings)to match her customers’ unique styles. Click here to see more fabulous custom bags by Becky Oh!

The New Twinset and Pearls

The twinset and pearls is the ultimate in ladylike clothes. Twinsets have a very traditional but timeless appeal. They are an early form of layering that flatters the figure and gives a feminine look. The benefits of the twinset is two fold. Firstly the double layers skim over any lumps or bumps giving a really streamlined and smooth outline. Secondly the vertical line formed by the opening of the cardigan cause a very slimming optical illusion. Add a long string of pearls to draw the eye downwards giving an even more slimming effect. Team with a pencil skirt and you have the perfect outfit to make you look ladylike and slim.

But the twinset and pearls has for a while had the reputation of being a bit fuddy duddy and old fashioned. You can still buy into this look but with a modern twist by wearing a new style jersey twinset and string of semi precious stones. This Limited collection twinset draped sleeve top from Marks and Spencers is the perfect updated version of this look and can be teamed with either smart jeans or a denim pencil skirt and this jaded desire necklace from Munique Fashions for a modern version of the old classic twinset and pearls.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Style, Naturally - a book about substance and style

Style, Naturally: The Savvy Shopping Guide to Sustainable Fashion and Beauty is written by eco model Summer Rayne Oakes. Not just a pretty face, Summer is a Cornell University graduate, Udall environmental scholar, and environmental scientist with an undying passion for the sustainable future of the planet.

style, naturally by Summer Rayne Oakes, eco jewellery, recycled jewellery, eco fashion
I have only just come across this book and only minutes ago ordered my copy. So until I read it here are some reviews of the book from

Tone Skårdal Tobiasson, Fashion editor and co-founder Nordic Initiative Clean & Ethical says,

“Chock full of chic eco fashion and beauty, style, naturally makes green and ethical choices much more than a single season’s “must haves.” Summer Rayne’s book is truly inspirational and entertaining both for pros and fashionistas, making sustainable the obvious choice.

Jack Yan, Founding publisher of Lucire, Co-author of Beyond Branding says

“Summer Rayne Oakes’s style, naturally is indeed a book for our times. For those who wish to combine fashion, beauty and a social conscience, it is a beautifully presented, practical guide. Whether it’s discovering the personal styles of some leading citizens, finding out at a glance the most ecologically aware labels, or being inspired on ways we can make a difference, style, naturally is a fabulous must-read.”

Matthew Allen, Pret a Porte says

“Style, naturally is the ultimate reference of cataloging the best of sustainable style. It artfully portrays and explores the most recent talents paired with the ultimate pioneers such as Katharine Hamnett. The glossy photos are comparable to the top fashion magazines and Summer Rayne Oakes, the author and model is herself a Sustainable Style Icon… This is inspired and insatiably researched, beautiful piece of publishing.”

Can't wait to get my copy and do a review myself. Please click on video to hear what Summer Rayne Oakes has to say about the book.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Getting the Perfect Fit Bra

If someone asked you your bra size can you tell them? If the answer is no then it is well worth having yourself fitted as many of us wear the wrong bra size. To get the perfect fit bra you simply must get yourself measured by the experts and it is absolutely free at many department stores. I have been fitted for bras on three occasions, during and post pregnancy at Marks and Spencer and Mother Care and most recently at Bravissimo.

Pollyanna Bra by Freya

Book an appointment
Since my last fitting 3 years ago, I'm happy to report that many more women are getting themselves fitted as on the two occasions I walked in to get myself fitted there was a queue for bra fitting. Weekends are the busiest periods and it is best to make an appointment to avoid disappointment. You could wait but I really did not care to hang around. Thus it is practical to book an appointment to avoid having to wait. During the week they say it is a walk in system but do not walk in when it is the school holidays as it is just as bad as a Saturday. So the best thing is to make an appointment whatever the day of the week you intend to go.

I did go on the half term holiday and there were a couple of ladies before me but since I was hanging around in the Mall I was able to make an appointment for an hour and a half later. So finally I had my fitting. Well worth the wait though as I came out with two great fitting bras. I'm convinced bras are not something to buy in a sale unless you are absolutely certain of your size and fit.

Vintage Bra by Kalyani

Sexy bras for big boobed women
My last fitting was particularly interesting as this store specialized in bras for big boobed women and had the sexiest selection of lingerie in size DD, E, F etc. In the past when I used the conventional department stores they sometimes did not have my cup size in stock or available in certain bras and had to order them in. More than bras, there were sexy lingerie sets, swimsuits and strappy tops with internal bras that really offered the support big boobed women needed. I have found that the conventional strappy tops with internal elasticated bras never offered the kind of support I needed for my breast size.

Sunset Stripe Swimsuit

You know a bra is fitting well and giving the proper support when the:

Back of the bra fits firmly across the back without riding upwards as you move around.

Shoulder straps are not digging into your skin.

Centre front of the bra is lying flat against the body.

Underwires lie or fit directly under the breast without digging into the breast tissue at the underarm.

No need to be shy
Some people, myself included, find bra fitting an intimidating experience especially if you are conscious of being out of shape after two kids. But while I was fixating on my shape the salesperson was fixated on the bra and did her utmost to put me at ease. So it was a rather pleasant experience.

Now I wear my clothes with more confidence knowing that I am well supported and some of my clothes even fit better since I'm wearing a good supporting bra. But most of all I feel sexy on the inside as I am wearing sexy lingerie.

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Sunday, 22 March 2009

Handcrafted and Designer Fashion

We put this look together using handcrafted fashions from Munique fashions as well as designer fashion from my-wardrobe and forzieri. Handmade fashion from Munique includes recycled jewellery from Mana Bernandes who in this necklace entitled "Fan" transforms toothpicks into a stunningly eye catching necklace by embellishing the ends of the toothpicks with pearls.

In these exquisite handmade and contemporary designed earrings entitled "Toy" , Bernandes again transforms toothpicks into a stick man motif embellished with a silver magnetic ball at the earlobe and pearls at the end.

Handcrafted and Designer Fashion
Handcrafted and Designer Fashion - by Munique on

When you can't find a coat to do justice to your Green Ball Neck Dress by Day Birger et Mikkelsen go for a stunning handmade peruvian alpaca wool wrap which keeps you warm and looking stylish. The handcrafted leather orchid brooch carefully cut and handpainted in the vibrant colours of this actual species of orchid adds a lovely touch and can be worn on your wrap.

Other choice of accessories include polkadot ring handcrafted from polymer clay and mounted on creatively woven copper wire as well as this fabulous bespoke sterling silver Swarovski Cluster ring showcasing 50 sparkling Swarovski crystals arbitrarily connected so no two rings are the same and the Turquoise Swarovski Crystal Serpent Ring By Kenneth Jay Lane

Complete the look with Tan Kung Fu Shoes by Betty Jackson and Rosario Pazel's exquisite handcrafted Leather handbag, 'Golden Tan' which captures the infinite elegance of suede in the design of this versatile handbag.

Michelle Obama Wears Thakoon Panichgul

Donna Rico, Maria Pinto and Isabel Toledo - what do these three American fashion designers have in common? They have all been worn by Michelle Obama en route to the White House. Yet another designer with the privilege of dressing Michelle Obama is Thakoon Panichgul.

Thakoon Panichgul

Who is Thakoon Panichgul?
Thakoon Panichgul was born in Northern Thailand. He migrated to the United States at the age of 11 and grew up in Nebraska. Thakoon became a fashion writer after graduating from Boston University. He then went on to attend the Parsons School of Design subsequent to launching his first collection in 2004. Panichgul received a nomination from the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) in 2006. Although a newcomer to the American Designer Fashion scene, Thakoon Panichgul's collection is widely stocked in the United States, Europe and Asia including Canada, the Middle East and Russia.

Michelle Obama wears Thakoon Panichgul

How is Thakoon different?
According to his website's bio, "Panichgul has a talent for blending distinctly different influences into his work, imparting a feminine spirit into a youthful, sporty line. The result is clothing that projects poised elegance with an underlying hint of playful wit."

His style has been described as "quirky" having piped a beige trenchcoat with black lace. According to Gill Hart in her article "From the Obama-dress to Lace-edged Trenchcoats & Floral Prints" - "Since his appearance on the fashion scene 4 years ago, American designer Thakoon has quickly become a favorite with celebrities and stylists, whose customers include Rachel Bilson, Demi Moore, and Sarah Jessica Parker. He has become known for sensual, feminine designs that are modern and innovative, which also reflect his Asian roots."

Michelle Obama wears Thakoon Panichgul
Michelle Obama who was usually described as a frugal dresser (having worn Donna Ricco's $148 high waisted black and white print dress) splashed out on this occasion as Thakoon's outfits are usually estimated to be in the region of US$1500.

Michelle Obama wears Thakoon Panichgul
This is the US$1,250 silk “reverse kimono” dress worn by Michelle Obama to the Democratic National Convention the night her husband accepted the party’s presidential nomination in August.
Michelle wore Thakoon's slim bodice and A-line skirt in raspberry, lavender and black at the Democratic Convention to join husband Barack Obama on stage when he officially accepted his Presidential nomination on behalf of the party.

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Thursday, 19 March 2009

Leather Jewellery

Lately there has been a trend for all types of leather fashions, from the innovative designs of leather jackets by Rick Owens to the leather leggings that featured in many catwalk shows. The beauty of leather for creating fashion and clothes is both its hard wearing properties, its natural texture and it's luxurious feel. Leather is a timeless material that will always look classic and stylish. Leather accessories in natural colours are perfect for wearing with almost anything but coloured leather has real eye catching appeal whilst still maintaining it's natural aspects.
Munique Fashions has a range of leather jewellery, designed to add colour and interest to any outfit. With inspiration taken from the natural world, the flower designs are feminine and pretty. The use of leather to create sculptural jewellery in this way is unusual and stylish, perfect for ladies who like to stand out from the crowd.
This leather orchid brooch is perfect for wearing with any of the seasons neutral coloured jackets.

This exotic leather Orchid pendant will make any camisole top and jeans look really special.

This Peach leather Hibiscus necklace will look great with a lavender or lilac top or dress for a really on trend and feminine outfit.

Paris Fashion Week - Autumn Winter 09

With the current world economic situation, Paris Fashion week was bound to be a slightly low key affair. Again as seen at Milan designers were playing to their strengths and going back to basics with luxurious key wardrobe items that really count as an investment.

Paris is traditionally the home of some of the well established and historic fashion houses with a particular emphasis on luxury. Labels like Louis Vuitton and Hermes are known for their luxury accessories with the underlying theme of quality. But this year fashion in Paris also seemed to have a very wearable and practical side to it. There was also a much greater emphasis on day wear by many of the designers.

At Hermes - the classic parka style jacket gets a luxury make over with crocodile skin and fur trim.

At Roland Mouret - day time wear with just as much charm and appeal as his very popular evening wear that is usually the staple of the collection.

At Elie Saab - a strong emphasis on day wear with forties silhouettes and the classic sheath style dress.

At Miu Miu - a collection with that typical Parisian 'je ne sais quoi'. Very wearable and classic clothes in neutral colours with a luxury dimension of fur trims.
pictures from

It is probably a very good idea to concentrate on buying well made quality items that are timeless and will last for many seasons to come. I love this handcrafted leather 'saddlebag' handbag from Munique Fashions.

Monday, 16 March 2009

The Perfect Coat is a versatile Wrap

You can have so many coats in your wardrobe and still find that there are occasions when you simply can't find the right coat to compliment an outfit. On days like this I reach for my alpaca wool wrap which is sure to go with everything. Not only is it versatile but it is also stylish and warm. This is a must have for any wardrobe.

Alpaca Wool Wrap from Muunique Fashions

Handcratfed in Peru, this exquisite cloak is woven from a luxurious alpaca wool blend, unparalleled in softness and warmth. Click here to see this exquisite wrap in black

With Mother's Day upon us, what better way to say I love and appreciate you. A perfect mother's day gift that will be appreciated and worn time and time again.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Spa Treatment - The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

My husband surprised me with a day out at the spa during the half term holiday. What a refreshing treat. He and the kids dropped me off at 10:00 a.m. and collected me at 5:30pm. It was a most relaxing day spent in a white robe and white bedroom slippers provided.

He choose a spa in the city where he could take the kids to Sealife and the Shopping Mall while I had a pampered day. A city spa is an ideal choice for a day at the spa on your own if you live close to the city. Had it been a weekend at a spa with my husband then it would have been ideal to drive further out where we could take in a bit of the countryside. But to be honest when you are in the spa you forget about outside and simply become part of the tranquil, clean and luxurious environment.

Though it is still winter and what a winter we have been having, I did not remember that it is 5 degrees outside when I was cocooned in the relaxing spa environment having a body scrub followed by a hot stones massage and then a stint in the steam room for my skin to absorb all the luxurious body oils that had just been applied to my skin.

Lunch was included in my spa package and of all the healthy options on offer, I chose poached salmon with grilled roasted asparagus and baby potatoes all with a hint of olive oil. Mmmm delicious.

Unique gifts vs spa treatment

In the afternoon I was treated to a facial, a pedicure and finally a manicure. I wished the day and the treatments would go on and on but alas it came to an end. I like my jewellery gift sets, flowers and unique gifts for Mother's Day but a day at the spa is priceless. I certainly don't mind having both.

win a luxury weekend spa break for two

What to take with you to the spa

1. Yourself and a swimsuit - all I took was a bathing suit which came in handy for the steam room. I did not fancy having a swim in the pool as I did not want to dry out my skin from the chlorine after all those luxurious treatments.

This Amber Bead Halterneck Underwired Swimsuit from Autograph is a gorgeously sophisticated swimsuit designed to fit and flatter. The bead design makes it even more stylish.

For extra support try this Sorrento Tankini from Bravissimo. This elegant tankini offers fantastic support up to a J cup and is exclusive to Bravissimo. The straps are multiway, so you can choose to wear them straight, or cross them over at the back.

2. Your conversation skills - while having lunch in the tea room I had a lovely chat with a woman I met there. Like me, Pearline was on a day out at the spa courtesy her daughter. So it gave me a chance to meet someone new as well.

Spa treatments at home
FLP Aroma Spa Collection Now I continue my spa treatments at home with an aloe based aroma spa collection including an avocado face and body soap. I also drink the aloe vera gel for great skin and hair plus all the other benefits that come with it. Apart from being great for skin and hair it has an effect on digestion, is a useful source of minerals and vitamins and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and painkiller. Like anything else please ensure that you are drinking a good quality gel that contains between 85-95% of stabilised aloe vera gel.

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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

The Lipstick Effect

The lipstick effect is the name given to the the tendency for consumers to purchase small, comforting items such as lipstick rather than large luxury items in a recession. The purchase of a small item is supposed to give the same effect (well almost) as buying a whole new outfit, when times are hard. A little treat now and then is also a great way to stop yourself splurging on clothes that you cannot afford.

It doesn't have to be lipstick though, a piece of costume jewellery or especially handmade jewellery is also a great way to give yourself a treat and add a bit of sparkle to your outfit.

Quality over Quantity

With the credit crunch and recession forcing many people to think their spending habits, many people are also rethinking their consumer behaviour with regards to fashion and clothing. Fast fashion had become part of many peoples life, buying low cost clothing and then throwing away after just a few wears just to keep up with the latest trends. The credit crunch has caused a bit of a rethink. It is much more cost efficient (not to mention better for the environment) to buy good quality clothes to last in styles that are both flattering and timeless. By developing your own sense of style rather than relying on fashions and trends, you can always look your best without the need to continually update your wardrobe. By shopping in the sale, you can get amazing designer pieces at a fraction of the cost. If you pick carefully, you can find classic items so it will not matter if they were from last season, they will still look stylish.

This classic brown wool Paul and Joe Hagrid Blazer from My Wardrobe is great for all seasons and will last you for many years to come. It looks great with jeans. Roll up the sleeves for a more casual look.

This Twenty8twelve shirt sabine artists shirt is a great versatile piece for every day wear. try teaming with a pair of skinny trousers for a really stylish outfit.

Philosophy Di Alberta Ferretti Wool Trousers at My Wardrobe. Everyone needs a pair of classic black wool trousers. These are perfect with a pair of platform shoes for the office.

These Michael Kors Pipi Mary Jane shoes are another classic item. They look great with tights and a pencil skirt or dress for a smart occasion or work.

Why don't you have a look for some more classic designer pieces at 50% discount or more in the My Wardrobe Sale.

Nothing to wear?

Do you ever find that you have nothing to wear? You wouldn't be the only one. Hundreds of women every day must stare into their wardrobe saying to themselves "I have got nothing to wear". The truth is most women have plenty of clothes, the problem being that they just aren't the clothes that they need. I for example have a wardrobe full of party dresses but with two young children rarely get the opportunity to go out in the evening. When it comes to an average day which involves the school run, a trip to the super market and sitting at my laptop working, I always end up in my faithful pair of jeans. What I need in my wardrobe is smart practical clothes that suit my lifestyle whilst also being stylish.

yellow dressThis 2Two dress from La Redoute is a great way to add a bit of glamour to your day. It is really feminine with lots of lovely details and can have combined with trousers or jeans for a smart casual and practical look.

flattering harem balloon trousers

These balloon style linen trousers from La Redoute are a great fashionable day time look for when you don't want to wear jeans. They look great with low heeled sandals. As they are fitted around the hips they are a much more flattering version of this season harem trouser shape.

ribbon strip topThis ribbon strip top from Adili gives the classic comfy and versatile white T shirt an upto date twist. It looks great with anything from jeans to a smart suit.

high waist denim skirt

This Acacia high waist skirt from Adili is a really versatile piece for any wardrobe. Create a very trendy look by combining it with a pair of tights and ankle boots and a cashmere jumper.

So next time you are doing some shopping, think carefully about what you need. It is possible to combine practical every day clothing with your desire to look feminine, trendy or smart.

Win a luxury weekend spa break for two

Some days ago I wrote an article about a day at the spa being the perfect mother day gift. I talked about the fact that it was all well and good to receive flowers, jewellery gift sets,unique gifts and the like but that a day at a spa is priceless. I certainly don't mind having both a tangible gift and a day at the spa.

If you fancy the best of both worlds then Marks and Spencer are offering customers who purchase mother’s day flowers, a chance to be entered into a free prize draw to win a luxury weekend spa break for two, or there is a chance to win other prizes including beauty treatments! There are 5 luxury spa breaks for 2 + 1000s of other prizes in the free prize draw.

I fancy this Rose Tin with three delicately pretty rose plants, set in a rustic cream lattice tin - they will certainly last much longer than Mother's Day. But there are loads to choose from.

For a chance to win, simply (click here) purchase flowers by 5pm on the 17th March and you will be automatically entered into the prize draw.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Michelle Obama in her Donna Ricco Dress

A couple of weeks ago we indicated that we will be posting blogs on the american fashion designers worn by Michelle Obama en route to the white house. Last week we featured Maria Pinto. Today we are taking a look at Donna Ricco. We hope you enjoy this article entitled "Who is Donna Ricco".

Michelle Obama wears Donna Ricco's Sleeveless Banded Waist Short Dress

Donna Ricco is yet another designer dragged into the spotlight by First Lady Michelle Obama then wife of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. Prior to the election Michelle Obama wore Ricco's Sleeveless Banded Waist Short Dress when she appeared as co-host on the TV Program "The View". Needless to say, this dress worn by Obama which cost $148 off the rack sold out overnight at the White House/Black Market Boutiques.

A model shows of Donna Ricco's Sleeveless Banded Waist Short Dress worn by Michelle Obama picture from

What's so special about this dress?
The dress is pretty simple, made from a stretch cotton sateen in a black and white print. There are two black bands between the bustline and waistline. It has a square back and a scooped neckline. It is a sleeveless dress with straps wide enough to fit bra straps. As I said, a pretty simple dress made special by the fact that it is worn by Michelle Obama. Though this is not a completely fair statement as Ricco's designs provide a timeless elegance designed with all body shapes in mind. Her dresses are well made from quality fabric.

Michelle Obama wears Donna Ricco's dress on The View

The only accessory Michelle wore with this dress was a flower brooch on the left strap of the dress. If you wanted to accessorize this dress you can go for either black and white accessories. Resist the urge to go for pearls and try something different like a spatial choker necklace in a clear iridescent colour which changes depending on the lighting.

Who is Donna Ricco?

Ricco taught herself to sew as a teenager and has been in the business for 20 years. She has had formal training in Fine Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and joined the fashion department at Mount Mary College before moving to New York to pursue her dream of becoming an american fashion designer.

In an interview with TODAY's Meredith Vieira Friday in New York, Donna Ricco commented "I'm very happy. I'm very surprised. I had no idea she would be wearing this dress. But it's sort of a natural happening for me, because I've been designing dresses a long time. We ship a lot of dresses to the stores, and I'm happy that Michelle chose this dress to wear on 'The View.' "
Although Donna Ricco had been producing dresses for twenty years, it took one wear from upcoming fashion diva Michelle Obama to send her sales through the roof and have her designs acknowledged by the american fashion media and the public.

While not available in England, Ricco's designs are stocked in Ireland, Barbados, Bermuda, Canada, and the United States. It was most interesting to learn that Ricco's designs were stocked in Barbados not only because I am from the Caribbean myself but also because Barbados is a small island in the Caribbean with a population of 282 thousand. Who would have thought?

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