Friday, 13 March 2009

Spa Treatment - The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

My husband surprised me with a day out at the spa during the half term holiday. What a refreshing treat. He and the kids dropped me off at 10:00 a.m. and collected me at 5:30pm. It was a most relaxing day spent in a white robe and white bedroom slippers provided.

He choose a spa in the city where he could take the kids to Sealife and the Shopping Mall while I had a pampered day. A city spa is an ideal choice for a day at the spa on your own if you live close to the city. Had it been a weekend at a spa with my husband then it would have been ideal to drive further out where we could take in a bit of the countryside. But to be honest when you are in the spa you forget about outside and simply become part of the tranquil, clean and luxurious environment.

Though it is still winter and what a winter we have been having, I did not remember that it is 5 degrees outside when I was cocooned in the relaxing spa environment having a body scrub followed by a hot stones massage and then a stint in the steam room for my skin to absorb all the luxurious body oils that had just been applied to my skin.

Lunch was included in my spa package and of all the healthy options on offer, I chose poached salmon with grilled roasted asparagus and baby potatoes all with a hint of olive oil. Mmmm delicious.

Unique gifts vs spa treatment

In the afternoon I was treated to a facial, a pedicure and finally a manicure. I wished the day and the treatments would go on and on but alas it came to an end. I like my jewellery gift sets, flowers and unique gifts for Mother's Day but a day at the spa is priceless. I certainly don't mind having both.

win a luxury weekend spa break for two

What to take with you to the spa

1. Yourself and a swimsuit - all I took was a bathing suit which came in handy for the steam room. I did not fancy having a swim in the pool as I did not want to dry out my skin from the chlorine after all those luxurious treatments.

This Amber Bead Halterneck Underwired Swimsuit from Autograph is a gorgeously sophisticated swimsuit designed to fit and flatter. The bead design makes it even more stylish.

For extra support try this Sorrento Tankini from Bravissimo. This elegant tankini offers fantastic support up to a J cup and is exclusive to Bravissimo. The straps are multiway, so you can choose to wear them straight, or cross them over at the back.

2. Your conversation skills - while having lunch in the tea room I had a lovely chat with a woman I met there. Like me, Pearline was on a day out at the spa courtesy her daughter. So it gave me a chance to meet someone new as well.

Spa treatments at home
FLP Aroma Spa Collection Now I continue my spa treatments at home with an aloe based aroma spa collection including an avocado face and body soap. I also drink the aloe vera gel for great skin and hair plus all the other benefits that come with it. Apart from being great for skin and hair it has an effect on digestion, is a useful source of minerals and vitamins and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and painkiller. Like anything else please ensure that you are drinking a good quality gel that contains between 85-95% of stabilised aloe vera gel.

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