Friday, 6 March 2009

Milan Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2009

Milan fashion week was over as quick as it began with a stream of shows from some of the big names and labels. The designers seemed to be feeling the economic climate as the designs were almost all very safe bets, the very wearable sort of clothes that they know will sell. For the most part the designs were well cut and luxurious classic pieces in neutral muted tones of grey and black, that oozed Italian style. There were a few exceptions that added a bit of humour and colour to the proceedings. Maxmara was a very luxurious collection with minimalist designs and lots of coats in fabrics like cashmere, alpapaca and camels hair.
At Dolce & Gabbana - lots of black and white and bright pink. The shapes had bit of a forties influence and some quite exaggerated bubble shaped sleeves. The Marilyn Monroe prints and scarves that looked like gloves gave this collection a very light hearted feel in contrast to many of the other collections.
Versace - this show was definitely all about classic clothes and wearability with blacks and slate greys, a bit of understated sparkle and gloss and lots of key pieces like trench coats, skinny fit trousers and sheath dresses.

At Prada - a very sombre looking collection of brown boiled wool jackets and coats. Again more classic and versatile items. I am not sure about the wader style boots. There slight twist to the country theme of this collection were the occasional flashes of red accessories.

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The classic cut coats and jackets will look great with some simple but stylish jewellery like this silver heart necklace and a timeless handbag like this chocolate brown bag.

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