Wednesday, 25 March 2009

The New Twinset and Pearls

The twinset and pearls is the ultimate in ladylike clothes. Twinsets have a very traditional but timeless appeal. They are an early form of layering that flatters the figure and gives a feminine look. The benefits of the twinset is two fold. Firstly the double layers skim over any lumps or bumps giving a really streamlined and smooth outline. Secondly the vertical line formed by the opening of the cardigan cause a very slimming optical illusion. Add a long string of pearls to draw the eye downwards giving an even more slimming effect. Team with a pencil skirt and you have the perfect outfit to make you look ladylike and slim.

But the twinset and pearls has for a while had the reputation of being a bit fuddy duddy and old fashioned. You can still buy into this look but with a modern twist by wearing a new style jersey twinset and string of semi precious stones. This Limited collection twinset draped sleeve top from Marks and Spencers is the perfect updated version of this look and can be teamed with either smart jeans or a denim pencil skirt and this jaded desire necklace from Munique Fashions for a modern version of the old classic twinset and pearls.


Anonymous said...

A great combination, indeed!

lisa said...

That IS a really modern take on the traditional twinset! Well spotted.