Thursday, 10 December 2009

Chunky Jewellery – a year round fashion accessory

Chunky jewellery is your year round accessory that looks great in the summer with all its bright eclectic colours and styles and is also wearable in the winter to add that accent of colour and statement look to heavier fabric and darker coloured clothing.
chunky jewellery,chunky necklace,wearing chunky necklaces You can wear choker chunky necklaces over your roll neck tees and fitted knitwear and long chunky necklaces are ideal for cowl neck knitwear. Some fashionistas go for layers of jewellery to create that chunky necklace look. You may choose to keep it simple and chic with one piece that makes a statement and tells a story.
chunky jewellery,chunky necklace,charm necklace
There is certainly lots to choose from when it comes to chunky jewellery. You can go for colourful african beaded jewellery, big flower jewellery made of leather, copper jewellery, semi precious jewellery and the list is endless.
chunky jewellery,chunky necklace,shell necklace
Big and bold is one criteria for chunky or statement jewellery but for me it should also be unusual chunky jewellery with a quirky shape or style and made from sustainable materials.

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