Thursday, 10 December 2009

Chunky bracelets

Accessorizing in winter can seem a bit of a chore especially since we have to cloak ourselves in large winter coats and lots of layers to keep warm. So how do you achieve glamour and warmth? Well chunky jewellery is the perfect jewellery fashion trend for accessorizing in the winter as it only takes one piece of jewellery to glamourize your outfit and have you looking like you belong on the cover of vogue.

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Even if you do not go for chunky necklaces, chunky bracelets are an absolute treasure and so easy to wear. Chunky bracelets remind me of Egyptian times with Cleopatra, and the cuff bracelet can certainly be attributed to roman days. Chunky bracelets while big and bold can certainly also be elegant, stately and regal, like this handmade copper cuff bracelet. The ethnic motif of this unique copper bracelet for me is reminiscent of the ornate and decorated jewellery worn by Cleopatra and will make a very unique and unusual jewellery gift.
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This funky chunky african beaded bracelet creativley handmade using safety pins in contrasting florescent colours is always a conversational piece. The use of a mundane safety pin to create such a stunning, simple and chic ethnic jewellery piece is simply outstanding and is what statement jewellery is. Not to mention the fantastic use and combination of colours - turquoise and cobalt blue.

The chunky jewellery trend has been ongoing on the fashion scene since 2008 and does not look to be going out of fashion anytime soon. In fact, I cannot remember a time when I did not have a piece of chunky jewellery in my jewellery ensemble. This very versatile jewellery trend is easy to wear trend and a must have jewellery accessory for any meaningful capsule wardrobe.

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