Friday, 30 October 2009

Must have winter fashion accessories

I’m always saddened by the end of summer especially when the clocks are turned back and darkness falls so early in the evening. But yesterday I was driving along and the wind was blowing the brown golden leaves everywhere. For miles I could see stretches of grass covered with these golden leaves and I thought what a heavenly picture. I suddenly thought, “I do like autumn”. I guess I do not look forward to the raking up of the leaves but yesterday was such a refreshing day with the sun shining, mild temperatures and a swaying wind that it almost felt like late spring / early summer.
ladies tights While the trees are baring all by shedding their leaves, it is a time for us ladies to cover up and create layers of fashion to keep warm and look stylish. By now most people are doing their wardrobe cleanout and relinquishing summer wardrobe must haves to dark crevices of the wardrobe or suitcases. I on the other hand, am mixing and matching my summer blouses with my summer dresses and tunics to create a unique but ultimately warmer look.
winter boots
I always look forward to the challenge of layering up my summer dresses with must have winter fashion accessories which include long sleeve jerseys, roll neck polos, leggings, tights, large woollen scarves, skinny jeans and boots.

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