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Style DNA and Sex and the City

What is your DNA when it comes to style? We are all familiar with the term DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) as it relates to medicine, paternity and solving crimes. When it comes to style, fashion and DNA we are not concerned with the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all known living organisms and some viruses as defined by Wikipedia. Instead, style DNA relates to our socialization, personalities, preferences, likes and dislikes, education, career choices which influences and shapes the way we dress.

Sex and the City - The Movie, Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Charlotte York, Miranda Hobbes

The four major fashion personalities are classic, romantic, dramatic and natural. I would also include artistic here to cover the hippy or Bohemian dresser for whom there seems to be no fashion rules. Better yet, let's label this artistic personality an innovator of fashion as anything goes. How are these fashion persoanlities represented in our four main female characters in Sex and the City - Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda?

Sex and the City looks - Carrie and Miranda
Miranda is your classic dresser, she does not need "must have" designer fashion like Carrie and Samantha but goes for smart investment clothing that will stand the test of time. Some may argue that Miranda's wardrobe is in keeping with her profession of being a lawyer and her choice of clothing is as practical as she is - inkeeping with her personality. This is true. Thus, her wardrobe as may be the case for most of us, is an extension of who we are as a person, our belief systems our values etc.

The Sex and the City Girls - Charlotte, Miranda, Carrie and Samantha on a night out
Traditionally, the classic personality likes clean lines and smart, well tailored suits of the highest quality. Classic styles like shift dresses and wrap dresses is preferred by this personality over ephemeral fashion trends that becomes dated over time. Basically, the classic personality invests in a timeless wardrobe. As I am sure you have observed, Miranda when not dressed in dark, well tailored work suits, opts for neutral colours like in her living room below, which is characteristic of the classical fashion personality.

Sex and the City - Miranda's living room
In the later seasons of the show we do see Miranda in more vibrant colours to accentuate her red hair. But again the choice of clothing is timeless styles. With a classical wardrobe no one can say, "oh that's so 90's" because the classic wardrobe never goes out of fashion. The key to a classic wardrobe is quality, classical shaped clothing and neutral colours including navy.

Sex and the City - Miranda Hobbes played by Cynthia Nixon

Sex and the City Cast Members - Charlotte and Miranda
Charlotte on the other hand is your romantic fashion personality. She is your rich park avenue type girl who can afford to indulge in the arts and thus manages an art gallery while she awaits her betrothed.
Sex and the City - Charlotte York played by Kirsten Davis
For her everything must be pretty and matching from head to toe. She likes bows and frills and prefers skirts and dresses over trousers. Gored skirts and dresses cut on the bias are favorites while low plunging necklines like sweetheart necklines and V-necklines is a staple. Gingham trimming and floral designs are always in season for this personality who adores pastel colours. She is ultra feminine, dainty, needy in personality and in need of rescue by a knight on a white horse.

Sex and the City Cast - Carrie and Charlotte

Sex and the City - Charlotte's apartment

With all these fashion personalities their sense of dress transcends their abodes and so we see that Charlotte is the homemaker, your regular Martha Stewart with dining etiquette and napkin placement down to a science. Her apartment pictured above is immaculately decorated with attention to detail. While Charlotte's wardrobe can be classified as classic, I think the scale is tipped towards the romantic fashion personality.

Sex and the City - Samantha Jones, Carrie Bradshaw and Miranda Hobbes
Samantha is your dramatic dresser. She craves attention and always wants to be turning heads in her direction. She goes for bold, flashy, architectural designs in her clothes, bags and jewellery as it is all about impact. Her jewellery is always statement jewellery and she likes her bold colours. She is not conservative like Miranda the lawyer - with the classic wardrobe, but prefers bold colours in keeping with her high visibility public relations profession. The more alluring the cut and style of clothing, the better for Samantha. Even her apartment has the alluring touch with bright red cushions.

Sex and the City - Samantha Jones living room space

Sex and the City - Samanatha and Carrie
Carrie is your artistic fashion personality or Miss Originator herself. She likes her designer fashion and is a slave to fashion especially when it comes to shoes. She shops at PRADA and designer sale outlets and opts for a designer wedding dress by Vivienne Westwood. I mean who wouldn't if given the opportunity.

But Carrie also represents your bohemian, luxury bohemian, folk fashion tribes who love the eclectic look. With Carrie anything goes. She mixes and matches everything designer and non designer to create her own look. She has more than a double personality when it comes to fashion and her style DNA is as fluid as her writing constantly moving between fashion personalities.

Sex and the City - Carrie Bradshaw -eclectic look - played by Jessica Sarah Parker
Sex and the City - Carrie Bradshaw -vintage look - played by Jessica Sarah Parker
She is your miss vintage fashion, miss bargainista and shoewawa all wrapped up into one. Not to mention she has her classic wardrobe days, her dramatic wardrobe days and romantic wardrobe days.
Sex and the City film set - Carrie's living space
Her living space is as eclectic as she is with mismatched furniture. Carrie is a free spirit who cannot be pinned down and this is reflected in her style of dress.

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