Friday, 2 October 2009

Update your winter wardrobe

british tweed coat, winter coat, winter coat for the classic fashion personality, winter wardrobe must have I have been writing this week about fashion personalities and how our style of dress is a reflection of who we are as a person.

For instance “Classic” is a fashion personality group that is defined by a timeless wardrobe. The classic personality is conservative and likes tailored high quality clothing. She goes for clean lines and traditional fabrics like tweed, silk, wool blends, cashmere etc.

The neutral palette is her friend and she loves navy. While seasons come and seasons go, her wardrobe will stand the test of time as her smart investment wardrobe choices never go out of fashion.

This classic British Tweed Coat is just the kind of coat the classic personality would add to her winter wardrobe. Though she may opt to wear the Ruched Waist Shift Dress and Cable and Bobble Scarf in a more conservative colour.

cashmere tunic, winter wardrobe must have, cashmere tunic for the classic fashion personality
This Cashmere Tunic made with a luxuriously large amount of cashmere will fit right in with the classic personality's winter wardrobe. Accessorize with this Danielle wool & woven cotton bag in georgeous turqoise and chocolate brown. This classic winter bag is another great winter wardrobe must have for your wardrobe.
wool and woven cotton bag in turquoise and brown, winter bag, winter wardrobe must have for the classic fashion personality This Swishy Applique Skirt will go well with yellow or pink woolly jumper and smart yellow boots.
wool skirt, winter wardrobe must have, classic fashion personality

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