Thursday, 13 May 2010

Cropped trousers and summer shoes

I don't know what I was thinking wearing cropped trousers and summer shoes yesterday.  It was sooooooo cold.  Even my 4 year old was complaining that I needed to put a warmer coat on her. Spring cleaning my wardrobe seems a bit premature now as I have to be pulling out woolly jumpers and coats from my winter suitcase.

Three weeks ago the weather was fab but the last few weeks especially the weekends have been extremely cold for spring. The weather fluctuates throughout the day so you really have to layer up so that you could layer down when it gets warmer all in the same day. It reminds me of travelling to the warm caribbean in winter.  I leave home in my winter clothes but dress sensibly enough so that I can strip off layers as I go along.  When I get to the airport the winter coat is the first to go and is packed away in the suitcase before checking in providing there is room.  Since I tend to be cold on airplanes, I keep on my sweater or cardigan and long sleeve jersey which I strip off on the plane just before landing in preparation for stepping into the warm caribbean sunshine.  Under all of these I am wearing a vest.  Perfect for the blast of warm sunshine I am about to encounter.

But I'm not going to give up of the summer wardrobe just yet.  I'm going to keep layering up with v neck print cardigans like this Orla Kiely cardigan which is just the right colour for spring summer.

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