Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Accessorizing the nude trend with copper jewellery

Putting a look together is more than getting the clothes right. Accessorizing is absolutely key in pulling a look together and cannot be stressed enough.  Mind you, it's not just about jewellery but includes hair accessories, make up, belts, shoes, scarves and the list goes on.

When I'm going for the romantic nudes incorporating soft fabrics like chiffon and silk in cream and peachy tones then I do like to go for pearl jewellery like pearl drop earrings and pearl pendants.   But I do like the bronze and metallic accessories when it comes to accessorizing the nude trend as it is a great way of highlighting my outfit.   That's why I tend to go for copper jewellery which offers majestic peachy tones to my ensemble.  Not just any copper jewellery but ethnic style copper jewellery like this modern man copper bracelet which is both contemporary jewellery and ethnic jewellery in one and which will always be trendy.

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