Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Swim anyone? - giraffe print swimwear

I know I already have a swimsuit for my beach holiday but you can't have too many swimwear on a beach holiday can you?  My rationale is that when one is wet the other is dry.  I really like this halterneck giraffe print swimwear which is very different.  Animal print bags, shoes and  giraffe print dress I have but not giraffe print swimwear.  The red lining adds such a fitting contrast - tiny detail but loads of impact.

There was a time when animal print was associated with your wild side but it has become so trendy that it is fast becoming a must have fashion accessory.  The good thing is that a little goes a long way with this trend so a simple animal print purse , belt or scarve on it's own makes you very trendy.  One or two animal print accessories are certainly enough in any outfit .  What appeals to me most about animal print accessories is that it usually blends so well with bright colours and for those who read my blog regularly, you must know that I celebrate colour.  My animal print bag with my red trench coat - absolutely smashing.

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