Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Getting in shape for summer

Yes that beach holiday is looming and I'm counting down the days to my summer break.  Now that it has gotten warmer I'm finally reaching for my summer wardrobe.  But surprise, surprise those extra puddings and indulgent fried foods which spent moments on my lips are now lingering on my hips.  

Been there before so should be easy to shift the few pounds before my holiday.  Who am I kidding?  Easier said than done but I am motivated by pending vacation and the desire as Bridgette Jones would write in her diary "to look like beach goddess" in my halterneck swimwear.   Okay so I've just got to stop buying new swimwear as this is my second not to mention the one I already have.  How many swimsuits can I possibly wear?  My philosophy though is that summer swimwear - bikini tops - is like jeans you just don't have only one pair do you?

I'm not into the faddish diets which is only a temporary fix but do try to eliminate empty calories like chocolate, ice cream, crisp, fried foods etc and go for the healthier option of whole foods and low calorie foods.  One of my favorite food always is homemade soup which I don't make enough of because it could be so time consuming.  I do love soup and whole grain bread as a light but satisfying meal and my latest find - the cuisineart soup maker is an absolute god send at the minute.  It looks like a blender but it cooks your soup with no mess and no fuss.  

Other than watching what I eat, I am walking more since the weather is so great and making sure that I am getting my five a day - fruits and vegetables that is. Summer holiday here I come!!!

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