Monday, 17 January 2011

Handmade jewellery for a unique look

At a dinner function last night I had the worst scare. There was another guest wearing the same dress as me.  What a nightmare?  You know how you usually see female celebrities featured side by side in the same outfit with the caption "Who looks better?"  So there I was playing the same game in my head while trying not to rudely stare.  

I guess it was my fault for wearing my classic black wrap dress, long sleeved made from a bamboo blend.  Hers well I didn't get close enough to tell what material hers was made of.  So in a competition like this what does it come down to?  Body shape for one but then a well made and cut wrap dress can compliment just about any body shape.  So it was down to fashion accessories.  Luckily I opted for my handmade jewellery.  I explored my wild side and wore my ethnic and tribal understated animal print jewellery set in copper, an inch wide leopard print belt with gold buckle and my tiger print pumps. 

My worthy competitor I have to admit also looked quite elegant in a white pearl necklace.  So who won?  Both looks I felt were carried off well though I made sure not to stand shoulder to shoulder with her and have people speculate.  Amazing how jewellery especially handmade jewellery can set you apart from others even if you are wearing the same dress.

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