Monday, 10 January 2011

Unique handmade gifts for her that would not disappoint

Are you tired of your girlfriends, wives, partners etc returning your gifts post christmas?  Then opt for unique handmade gifts that leaves them wondering "where did you get that"?  Whatever the occasion - anniversary, birthday, valentines, birthday, unique handmade jewellery is all it takes to say how special you are to me.

Returning unwanted gifts have become so common place that a gift receipt is now a natural part of your wrapped present.  Gone are the days when you removed the price tags from your selected christmas gifts as you didn't want the person to know how much they were worth as it were; though gift giving should be more about the thought and sentiment rather than the gift.  Some women, I am sure would disagree as they believe luxury gifts are the only expression of love.

So what do women want from a romantic gift for her?
Without a doubt, with gifts exchanged between romantic partners there is always a weight of expectation on the part of the woman who wants to feel appreciated and know that her partner "gets her" or understands her as a person.  It's not so much a matter of how expensive your gift for her is but how suited it is for her personality, her tastes, her desires.  Even better you can't beat a memento of a moment shared -  how romantic!!!! 

Unique handmade gifts for her makes a woman feel so special and captures the sentimental part of gift giving that translates into "you took the time to find me a special gift that I will treasure forever".   Click here for more gift ideas.

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