Thursday, 4 November 2010

Getting ready for winter

Only 17 degrees this morning which is amazing for late autumn.  I was absolutely warm this morning in three layers of clothing.  This frill wool cardigan is just perfect for days like this.  Soft, warm and stylish are just some of the words which come to mind when I look at this cardigan by CASA.  In the back of my mind though I'm wondering if temperatures like this morning is simply the calm before the storm as based on last year, I'm not looking forward to this winter season.

There are some positives from last winter. I enjoyed the school closures. Not having to take the kids out meant I didn’t have to drive in the slippery snow.  But my head is still spinning from the whooping heating bill that came come January. On those snow filled days I could warm my hands around a hot cup of tea and stare out of my bedroom window simply mesmerized by the snow that fell and fell and fell.

I have never shovelled so much snow in my life and living on a sloping driveway is no picnic when trying to get in and out.  I literally had to be digging myself in and out of the driveway.   Just yesterday my son reminded me of that very ungracious fall I took while gingerly walking down the driveway.

My North American friends are always bemused as to what's the big deal with snowfall in England.  We are simply not prepared for it I tell them.  So this year it is not only about outfitting myself for warmth in winter but I also have to outfit my car. Short of putting on snow tires and converting to a 4x4, I must stock my boot with water, snacks, easily opened can food, torch, shovel, warm blankets, and I will be keeping an extra coat or alpaca wool wrap in there as well as hat, scarves and gloves.  I'm already all stocked up on grit salt.

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