Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Autumn colour trends 2010

I used to think that my favorite time of year was spring but now I'm finding autumn to be so picturesque.  I'm simply loving the flamboyancy and richness of colours in the leaves - the reds, the burnt orange and yellows, the varying shades of browns.  Perhaps it's because my daughter is always stopping to pick up leaves and enjoys just kicking them around once they are all bunched together.  

I am captivated by the stretches of golden and reddish leaves on expanses of grass.  What a lovely picture especially when we're lucky enough to have a setting sun.  I'm so reminded of this unique handbag when I'm thrashing through leaves with my daughter - with its oval shape and copper handles and magnificent colour.  According to Vogue "autumn's most flamboyant trend is all about colour, chaos and creativity," and this leather handbag is ticking all those boxes.

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