Monday, 1 November 2010

Keeping warm this winter

Hooray an extra hour of sleep yesterday as the clocks were turned back and very much needed coming off the half term break. While I totally enjoyed the lie in, I dread the aftermath of being plunged into darkness so early in the evenings. Animals have the right idea and hibernate during winter. They gather nuts and food and take refuge in hides and burrows until it’s warm again. We on the other hand, have to brave the weather and envelop ourselves in layers and layers of warm jumpers, cardigans and coats to keep the chill off. But they do say that it is not a matter of being too cold as opposed to not being dressed warmly enough.

On Saturday, I wore two layers, a long sleeve cotton tee and a wool wrap cardigan and I was warm enough given the warm sunny temperatures outside. Yesterday Sunday, was 10 degrees out and I had to throw on a woolly long cardigan as an extra layer.

By now you might have guessed that my favorite winter warmer is wool.  Why? Well it does cost a bit more but it has proven to be effectively warm.  I find that I can wear several layers of thin woollen layers anf feel  warm rather than wearing the big bulky coats that just weight me down.  If it works for sheep, then it can certainly do the same for me.  Mind you some wool can be really itchy which is an absolute turn off unless it is a coat or cardigan that I will be layering up underneath.  So usually I tend to stick to extra fine wool cardigans and jumpers which feel really silky and smooth on the skin and in many cases is machine washable which is a bonus for women on the go and saves on dry cleaning.  But lately I have also come across cape style coats, which I might add is very trendy at the moment, made from boiled wool which is not itchy and definitely worth a try.

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