Thursday, 21 October 2010

My wooden jewellery box - a useful christmas gift

Growing up there were always jewellery boxes at home for my sisters and I to store our most treasured jewellery gifts which usually came from our mother or was inherited from our grandmother.  Back then jewellery gifts were simple and my mother made sure that we were each outfitted with classic gold chains, bracelets and earrings, not all at once but over many birthdays and christmases if that's a word. 

Jewellery boxes in my house  however were communal.  They were usually music boxes, lined, with a ballerina in a tutu and when wound up played a tune.  As kids, we actually played with our jewellery boxes winding them up for fun just to hear the music.  

Until last year, I didn't even own a jewellery box but simply stored my jewellery treasures in small drawers or jewellery bags.  But I was given a wooden jewellery box as a christmas present last year and thought what a lovely useful gift.  Now I can't imagine myself without one.  My handcrafted wooden jewellery box is intricately handcrafted and ornate and looks very stately on my new chest of drawers. 

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michael said...

My daughter and my wife will like this wooden jewelry box. They love collecting jewelries.
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