Monday, 18 October 2010

Faux fur gilet - this season's must have

Fur ....... always a luxury look and feel.  At one time owning a real fur coat or mink coat was something to boast about.  Now with all the animal activist on the prowl it has to be the best well kept secret.  But fear not faux fur looks just as luxurious and can make you feel just as glamorous as the real thing.

There is so much to be had in faux fur but very popular this season is the faux fur gilet which looks absolutely fab belted.  Wear with a fitted long sleeve tee or a chiffon blouse and feel luxurious and warm.  The fur gilet is certainly the new age fur coat.

What's lovely about faux fur is that less can be more as just a hint of it can instantly glamorize the most ordinary of looks.  So if faux fur coats are not your style then go for faux fur accessories like stoles, bags, boleros, gloves, scarves etc.

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