Thursday, 14 October 2010

Cheryl Cole and Xfactor 2010

Sat down with my anchovy paste and toast eagerly anticipating the announcement of the final 12 xfactor contestants 2010.   Well what a let down!!! I always felt that Cheryl had the hardest decision as there was an abundance of talent in her group with lots of range and depth in their performances.

But at the end of the day, she went for the unusual and unique performers which was evident even in their choice of dress and unique fashion accessories.  In Cheryl's defence, it would be fair to say that at least three of her girls were very much a repeat of Alexandra Burke and they are looking for fresh talent.  Alternatively they may be looking for a group to win this year's xfactor with JLS doing so well despite taking second place two seasons ago.  Who knows?

Then of course you have the four wild cards Diva Fever, Wagner Carrilho, Treyc Cohen and Pajie Richardson and the surprise elimination of FYD and Nicolo Festa with Wagner still in.  No doubt viewers will be tuning in next week. 

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