Monday, 18 October 2010

maxi dress - the perfect christmas day outfit

Ah.... christmas that very special time of year when you tell yourself, "I'm not going to get caught up in all the hustle and bustle", but you do anyway. I always say that christmas is for children and I do enjoy watching my young ones open their gifts with excitement and vigor.  The joy and in some cases the disappointment on their faces is absolutely priceless.  I remember my daughter commenting "silly Santa, I told him I wanted a wand", as she flung the book she got from Santa's grotto. We all knew it was a book but poor thing she is only little so it was a good thing we backed up Santa and put a wand in her stockings. 

The kids like their toys, me on the other hand, I like outfitting myself for christmas.  Whether I'm staying in or going over to friends and family I do like to have something new and special to wear.  It does not have to be terribly formal or expensive but comfortable for relaxing and eating without looking like I've made much of an effort.  This ribbed maxi dress really ticks all those boxes for me.  It's simple, chic and can be glammed up with a cashmere or wool cardigan and a statement necklace.

A perfect dress if you are hosting christmas dinner as you want to look like a relaxed food goddess. The good thing about hosting christmas dinner is that you're at home so I feel free to wear some warm cosy slippers or strappy leather sandals as I don't have to go out to brave the weather.  Don't mind a bit of snow as long as I'm not out in it.  Click here to view more maxi dresses for christmas.

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