Wednesday, 13 October 2010

coats and jackets for winter

Can we ever just have one winter coat that goes with everything?  There is so much to consider when buying a coat - occasion, pattern, texture, warmth, colour, style and cut. By all means work and play usually require different coats and jackets.

Black, brown and grey are always the safe choices colourwise and deciding on the cut and shape of your winter coat really depends on your body shape.  For instance double breasted coats are not the best styles for big busted women unless you plan to wear it unbuttoned at all times.  Not suitable for the colder days when you want to wrap up warm and button up your coat.    Coats and jackets with plunging V neckline are far more flattering for big boobed women like this belted wool coat by Mathew Williamson while coats with slanted pockets and a flared skirt really does wonders for the hour glass body shape.  Belted coats are ideal for giving the illusion of a waist

I certainly won't go out and buy multiple winter coats each year but do commit to buying myself one good quality coat every winter that I could wear winter after winter.  With this strategy you could end up with quite an ensemble of coats to choose from in five years.

The most versatile coat I have though is my alpaca wool wrap or shawl.  It keeps me warm and can be worn over anything.

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