Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Shapewear - airbrushing techniques for you and me

As I get older I honestly can't say if dressing is easier now than when I was drop dead sexy and gorgeous and could fit into anything.  Okay the latter part is a matter of opinion and debatable I admit.  But age as my father always says is a wicked thing and try as you might nature will take its course.  That said, I have certainly become more selective in my choice of clothes and fashion accessories which I feel should reflect my unique personality and at the same time be comfortable. So the "teeny boppers" shops are off my radar as I only watch and admire and remember when.   

Items such as high waisted trousers are now must haves for my capsule wardrobe simply because they are great for camouflaging any unsightly bulges.  They can add contour to your shape and are excellent when wearing elastane tops that hug your upper body.  Memories of Bridget Jones from Bridget Jones Diary comes to mind with Bridget (Rene Zellweger) in her contour shaping underwear which Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant)  unduly uncovers for want of a better word.

Not that I have lost my beach goddess focus and goal as I do keep up with my exercise, but there are undergarments, clothes, creams, lotions etc to fix many things we may not appreciate about ourselves be they only temporary fixes in some instances.   As human beings we are insatiable and always dissatisfied with some aspects of our appearance. So there are push up bras for those who want to look more chesty and minimizing bras for those who feel they are too well endowed.  Ironic isn't it?  If only we could just wave a magic wand or airbrush ourselves to perfection.   

When you think about it contour garments or body define shapewear, make up, creams etc are our small way of airbrushing ourselves on a daily basis.  And why not as airbrushing is a natural extension of the fashion industry.  Don't imagine that models and celebrities roll out of bed looking like they've just stepped out a fashion magazine.  Fashion shoots take lots of time and effort.  As you get older some of us come to appreciate that less is more, that you can dress cleverly and feel great and that you don't have to be a UK size 8 and below to be a fashion goddess.  The fashion tip for today is to work with what you have ladies because there is always somebody out there who would love to have some aspect of your bodyshape.

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