Monday, 1 November 2010

My bedroom all grown up

Finally some chest of drawers for my bedroom.  It is unbelievable how lack of storage in a bedroom can have a room untidy.  In this and the last house I lived, my present chest of drawers could not make it up the stairs to my bedroom.  Silly me for buying chest of drawers built for the american market.  But I still love it!!!! It is large and made of rose wood and it's amazing the amount of clothes and linen I could fit in there.  I saw it at auction and simply fell in love.  I have not given up my dream of living a big house with wide staircases and spacious landing but for now the dining room would have to do for my american chest of drawers. 

Until then my new manhattan chest of drawers will do just fine and fits in perfectly with my darkwood furniture.  It is exquisitely crafted and would last a lifetime.  My wooden jewellery box will look just a treat sitting on it. 

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