Friday, 4 February 2011

What valentine gift are you expecting?

Valentine's day,  that time of year that makes many men nervous and even more women apprehensive especially when not in a long term or committed relationship.  As tradition would have it, on this gift giving occasion the onus is on men to pamper their valentines unlike christmas where it is an exchange of gifts.  Not fair on men I say but we women have our own inequalities to deal with. 

Why the nerves?  Well it's fair to say that the choice of gifts, thoughts and sentiments expressed on the part of the male can sometimes be a clear indication of where you stand in a relationship.  A definite relationship maker or breaker if there ever was one as indeed it is all about expectations being fulfilled or shattered.

Men can't get more transparent than zero effort on such a momentous social calendar event. That said some people put no importance on the valentines day tradition and not giving a valentines day gift or acknowledging the day in some way is in no way a sign of where the relationship is headed. 

So what type of valentine are you? 
Do you like the show and attention of having flowers and chocolate sent to the office?  Some people love this overt attention or to be wined and dined at a fancy restaurant while others are more conservative and prefer a valentines day gift at the end of the day over a quiet dinner.   Me I like the sentiment and a memento to treasure forever, so handmade jewellery can never disappoint.

Here's hoping that your valentines day expectations are met even if you do send yourself gifts at the office to avoid feeling left out or others feeling sorry for you.  So much pressure, it makes me wonder where the idea of valentines day even originate.  If you share my curiosity click here to read why every year, on February 14 millions of men across the globe set out to impress their wives, partners, fiancees,  girlfriends etc with unique jewellery and special gifts, flowers, chocolates .......and why you have to book months and weeks in advance to ensure you get a table at your favorite restaurant. 

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