Monday, 7 February 2011

sea jewellery

Every time we go to Wales and spend time by the beach I am always inspired by sea jewellery as my kids collect countless shells on the beach.  Sea jewellery can either be jewellery with a sea motif or jewellery using materials from the sea like blue coral which readily comes to mind given my most recent acquisition of a blue coral ring.  But before my blue coral ring, pearls were one of the first things I associated with sea jewellery as there is nothing more natural and precious than that.

That's why I'm loving this unique shell necklet with swarovski crystals pearl so simple and yet stunning.  This unique pearl jewellery in sterling silver is mounted on an 18 inch silver cable necklet.  You don't have to a lover of sea jewellery for this pearl necklace to take your breath away.  Which woman wouldn't feel loved and adored receiving this handmade jewellery necklet as a gift on valentines day?  Click her for more valentines day gift ideas.

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