Thursday, 10 February 2011

The perfect jeans for your bodyshape

I'm on the hunt for a new pair of jeans after wearing my last favorite pair of jeans to the ground.  Sadly I think it is time for us to part ways as it looks too tattered and I don't do shabby chic very well.  Could never understand why people pay top dollar and buy new jeans that's already deliberately torn or distressed all because they've been advertised as trendy or as seen on the catwalk.  If you wear and wash your jeans long enough they will become distressed, faded, worn and all those other buzz terms that mean worn out jeans.  A good idea for my worn out jeans since I love them so much is to add fashionable paisley patches  so maybe I'll hold on to them after all.  May come in handy for that bout of gardening fever when spring finally shows its face. 

But still need to find me some new fashionable, fabulous and well fitting jeans for my body shape.  I must admit I approach all my clothes purchases as I do handmade jewellery, I look for the unique and unusual even if it is only a pair of jeans.  Since I wear my jeans often I must always feel good each time I put them on and know that it is money well spent.  Denims after all are a year round wardrobe staple.

So first things first body shape.  Our blog article on Choosing a winter coat to suit your body shape has a video link to finding your bodyshape and fashion DNA.  Alternatively go straight to input your body measurements and you are well on your way to defining your bodyshape.  Once you know your body shape, click on Gok Wan's "How to look good naked - choosing the right jeans" video and you're sure to buy the right jeans for your body shape.

For a wide range of designer jeans including the one pictured here go to dress-for-less

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